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USS Ronin
Ensign James Torken


  • Rank: Lt (jg)
  • Ship: USS Mercury
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 233510.31
  • Birthplace: Earth: MoJave Spaceport, CA USA
  • Height: 5"11'
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Skin: White
  • Build: Medium
  • Handedness: Southpaw (left handed)
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Lt (jg) James Torken is currently a Science officer aboard the USS Mercury.



Being a sole freighter pilot for several years, being alone for long periods of time has grown on him. He is quiet around crowds, till the ice is broken. It takes James time to adjust to his surroundings and acquaintances. His Personality portrays confidence in his life experiences.


  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: James has a deep conviction that a supreme creator is still out there, involved in the saga of all living things, and of the stars, nebula’s and the various galaxies. Unlike the powerful entity Sybok sought after, which he called "God". His musical theme is that of humble appreciation of such an supreme active Creator. The humor of differing species.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • James Torken is an accomplished Cornet player, just like his Dad. Back home at MoJave Spaceport, they use to go to the Voyager Café;[[1]] Also the Subspace Café, where Dad would play several old earth numbers, as James looked on. James had successfully filled the shoes of his Dad, and whenever at starbase he trys to drop by the café’ and play “It’s a wonderful world” and others.


Altonian Brain Teaser

James loves to take the time for a little game of concentration, using the Altonian Brain Teaser. [[3]]

After years of attempting to complete a cycle, he humbly admits, he has yet to achieve complete clarity of mind and focus.




CCF Shuttle S.T.A.N.I.S. (Cargo Carrier Freighter Shuttle STANIS CCF-10921)


  • Favorite Room: James favorite room would have to be the front living area.

Many times he would request the area adjust its sound deadening abilities to allow freedom to practice and play his cornet (trumpet).

Most Obvious Oddity upon entering his personal quarters is a family heirloom. A rather large, blue fluted Bowl. Polish pottery made of high quality stoneware. Hand crafted at the famous Ceramika Artystyczna factory. The hand-painted surface of the wide pottery bowl is perfect for the dinner table or to display on the living room coffee table. Sure to be a conversational piece.

Torken has several self contained hydroponics chambers in his personal quarters. To the right upon entering his quarters is a chamber that takes up most of the wall. This chamber has various flora in different stages of growth. An ongoing project needing constant care and adjustments to the nutrient flow conduit.

Ambitions and Goals

Describtion of goals and amitions

James has lived a well satisfying life thus far, many ambitions have been considered and many have already been met. At the encouragement of family and friends he joined Starfleet, another AMBITION to add to the bucket list? James exhibits ambition and determination to excel at academy, not to prove to others, but to prove to himself there’s still something to learn and something to be good at.

At an early age he wanted to be just like his father, a certified pilot for ECA. (Earth cargo Authority) that ambition came to pass at 16.

Journals of Interest, Personal Reading list.

  • Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics
  • Journal of Geography and Geospatial Information Science
  • Journal of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
  • Journal of Ecology, Ecosystems and Ecophysiology
  • Journal of Biology, Biological Systems and Bioinformatics
  • Journal of Unconventional Theories and Research
  • Journal of Applied Horticulture
  • Journal of Applied Aguaponics, Hydroponics
  • Cognitive Science Society
  • World Federation of Scientists
  • World Federation Conference of Science Journalists

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements:
    • List of achievements
  • Disappointments:
    • List of disappointments


Describtion of family.

  • Mother: Dorothy Mary Torken (Kowalski) Had a sister Karen which married a Calhan.
    • INFLUENCE: Mother influenced James in the field of horticulture, more specifically, hydroponics. She consistently provided a fresh harvest for the family.
  • Father: Robert James Torken
    • INFLUENCE: Father influenced James in the ways of a freighter pilot for Galactic Cargo Services, a member company affiliated with that of ECA.
  • Siblings: Brother, Jimmy William and Sister, Patricia Ann

FAMILY TIES: James Is a avid believer in Family ties. He regularly takes the time to contact, or leave a message when contacting family members. He makes contact with at least one member and then allows them to disperse updates to the other family members. Mother is his most used contact back home. Mom is always talking about how, what, where James Torken is currently.

Parents were NOT involved with UFOP or Starfleet. But our family was involved with Starfleet three generations ago. official contact skipped 2 generations. James Torken was the third gen. Still gathering information, but a Great Grand parent somewhere, somehow was in Star fleet. James focus on the connections currently related to his Mother's sister's Husband family which seem to know something about the "Torken Tie".

a romantic situation/relationship... ( OOC ) Torken character being older than the average crew member, the writer has not determined the extent of a romantic situation/relationship at this time. But is willing to accept thoughts and ideas on the issue.

Personal History

Family Business

The Earth Cargo Authority was a government body on Earth that regulated the Earth Cargo Service during the 22nd century. Cargo ships involved with the ECA usually required a license to operate. [[4]]

The Earth Cargo Service (or ECS) was the primary operating agency governing the operations of Earth-registered interstellar cargo transport vessels in the first half of the 22nd century. [[5]]

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OPTIONAL: Timeline of events.

  1. 236306.13:


  • 236306.13:

Personal Log, Supplemental

  • Stardate 238810.12
 Currently on a mission to witness and record a star eruption.


USS Ronin
Akira Class

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Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238810.03 - 238811.18 USS Ronin Science Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant JG 238811.18 - Present USS Mercury Science Officer


2388/2389 Awards

Awards Recieved
Award Name Date Presented By Ship
Awards General GenesisBadge 2011.jpg Genesis Badge 238901.03 Captain Tallis Rhul USS Mercury
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg Good Conduct Ribbon


USS Ronin Missions


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