Isabeauwyn Morgan

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Isabeauwyn Morgan


Full Name: Isabeauwyn Aislyn Wren
Current Posting: Civilian scavenger/trader
Current Assignment: Star Station Esperance
Species: Human, Selkie
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 147 lbs
Build: General, Fit
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length: Long, Braided
Eye Color: Sea Green
Place of Birth: Pacifica
Marital Status: Married



Professional History

Isabeauwyn Morgan is a scavenger/trader, with a history of military service that includes several tours of duty. Isabeauwyn’s battle experiences have left her with an unshakable determination to assist anyone facing oppression. She and her husband, Arthfael Morgan are the owner/operators of a goods store on Star Station Esperance but are secretly providing weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to those who have decided to fight back against the crime bosses and pirates that have been ravaging the Shoals. During Isabeauwyn’s military service, she developed strong, like-minded contacts, all of whom share her dedication to enabling those oppressed under the foot of tyranny to fight back and free themselves from lives of slavery and cruelty. When presented the opportunity, she will sell and exchange advanced technology with lesser cultures when the Federation will not.

Personal History

Isabeauwyn Morgan, is the offspring of a Selkie and Human union and was born on Pacifica along with her stillborn twin sister. The circumstances surrounding their conception are unknown as their mother refused to disclose the full story and died while giving birth. Genetic adaptations made during her human mother's pregnancy, allowed her to survive and take on a mostly human genetic structure, inheriting only webbed toes and the ability to communicate and survive for extended periods of time underwater from the Selkie gene’s. Unfortunately, her twin died from cord strangulation just before birth. After puberty, patches of skin along the sides of her neck, upper back, hips, and outer thighs thickened and took on a shimmery, scaly quality. No serious assistive technology is needed for her to survive on land, but if enough time without water to bathe in and drink elapses, she is prone to develop skin rashes that may tear and bleed. For this reason, she avoids dry climates whenever possible and is always prepared with specially formulated skin creams and lotions as a substitute in case of emergency.

Isabeauwyn’s infancy and early childhood years were spent in foster care as her human family blamed her and her twin sister's birth for the death of their beloved daughter.



  • Parents:
    • Father: Unknown Selkie male
    • Mother: Siofra Aibreán O’Beirne-Wren (Human of Irish decent and daughter of Colonists on the Island of iy'Dewra'ni on Pacifica) DECEASED
  • Siblings
    • Sister: 1 genetic twin sister DECEASED/STILLBORN
  • Spouse
    • Husband: Arthfael Cynwrig Morgan (Human of Welsh decent/Klingon Hybrid)
  • Children
    • Son: Cory Gwynfor Morgan, age 29
    • Son: Shane Bedwyr Morgan, age 24
    • Daughter: Rebecca Delyth Morgan, age 12


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Physical Description

  • Build
    • General/Fit
  • Height
    • 6 feet 0 inches
  • Weight
    • 147 pounds

Habit's and Abilities


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As a Youth

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As an Adult

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Notes, and Trivia

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