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Ensign Ice-9 Science
Temporal Physicist
USS Eagle NCC 74659

Ice Nine evolved from the group of H92o's ethereal digressions into a Temporal Physicist and incurred Time Design status. Because of his involvement with Hundorial Foantal as altering her studies in the cadet training sites, Ice has been sent back to an alternate time line into world war three on Earth to prevent the spread of this to other time lines in the systems of events and actualities that can occur.
Eugenics dilemma - backgrounds - 1995 India is experimenting with subatomic/\ disintegration's /\ nil-preffective quantitative values in solid mass. Given the wave field dynamics of the time it was a good fight. Matter and Non-matter were also effected and caused to distort. The Eugenical directive was just forming and
Ice Nine was on the holographic battle field and died several times ... to be saved by xoet_twelve and Hundorial Foantal at various instances in those alternate timelines within the concepts of time/space.
Eugenical - devices - matter/antimatter riffles - biogenic solvents: including - mental time loops with infinite random noise envelopes -
Ice Nine - Gary Seven (contact - interactions) suggested they outlaw these new laws in the evolved relationships between matter and life.
Eugenical - proactions - concerning the increasing disregard for life as superhuman lives rivaled for greater control of the ...

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