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Creating Species Entries

If you find that we're missing a species, you are more than welcome to compile an entry to be used in the ILI.

First, be sure that you have all the necessary information. The list below shows the information we need to start an entry:

  • Species complete name
  • Relation to the Federation
    • Member
    • Allied
    • Neutral
    • At War
    • Noncommunicative
    • Unknown
    • Other
  • Planet of Origin
  • Encounter log: Here, you would include IC, and OOC information. IC, you'd give the first time that we saw the species onscreen, and what the situation was. OOC, you'd give the episode name and series (i.e.- TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT).
    • Example: TOS: "The Corbomite Manuever"
  • Current Tech Level: For more info, see the Planetary Development Scale
  • Description: Include any and all information that is pertinent and useful.
  • Picture: If you have one.

Now that you have this information, you can post it on the Wiki using the special template. Create the new page (help) with the species' name.

Then, when you get to the "editing" part, put the following text in:

  image = |
  4letter = |
  fedstatus = |
  origin = |
  encountered = |
  techlevel = |

Directly before the | signs, put the data. Each field corresponds to one of the fields described above. (If you have no image, just use [[Image:No-Graphic.jpeg|110px]])

Now, under that block, you can put the description of the species.

Finally, you need to include a category tag.

Canon Species

  • If a species is canon, and is not included on the Complete ILI, then include this tag:
    • [[Category:Species Being Edited]]
    • This tag puts your species in the category for "new species." Once the profile has been reviewed and is deemed minimally complete, it will be tagged as "Permitted"/"Restricted"/"Forbidden" and added to the main list.
  • If the species is canon, and is included on the Complete ILI, then include:
    • This tag first: [[Category:Intelligent Lifeform Index Species]]
    • Then ONE of the following tags, based on how the species is marked on the complete list:
      • [[Category:Permitted]]
      • [[Category:Restricted]]
      • [[Category:Forbidden]]

Non-Canon Species

For more information on how to categorize non-canon species, see: 118Wiki:Guidelines for Species Categories.

Using other sources

There are two other good sources on the internet for Star Trek species which are both equally accessible. The first is Wikipedia, and the second is ma:Main_Page Memory Alpha. Both of these sites allow you to "borrow" any and all text freely, so feel free to move some, or all of the articles they have there to our Wiki! However, as a courtesy to them (and as part of Memory Alpha's sharing "license"), please include either one of these tags at the bottom of your species page, right above the categories:

  • {{WikipediaContent}}: If you're using content from Wikipedia, and copying it directly over, add this tag.
  • {{MAContent}}: If you're using content from Memory Alpha, and copying it directly over, add this tag.

Some things to remember

  1. Use caps for the 4-letter code;
  2. Singular species names for the page name (Terran, instead of Terrans);
  3. Format episodes as such: (DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses")