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Guy Perry Hunt was born on the Greece Island of Crete. His mother was stationed there at the Star Fleet Medical Operations Center for Advanced Surgery. In Guy's young life he lived on 3 starships 2 moons and an Astrid station. In Guys adult life he has lived on 1 starship and 2 planets. Guy is an avid collector of artifacts to include his passion, ancient hand held weapons. His grandparent live on Earth's Moon were they have the largest Coffee Farm in the solar system. Guy never travels with out a case of his grandparent’s coffee beans, grander and a French press.

Guy Received a BS degree in Advanced Tech from M.I.T. A Masters degree from New York State in Diplomatic Law. Guy Mother urged him to enter Medical School. Guy became a Med student at John Hopkins. In his 3rd year Guy got a job offer from the Federation Diplomatic Core.

At the Age of 28 Hunt became the aid to the Earth Ambassador General. After two years became the Chief of Staff for the Star Ship Operations, a 50 year old Excelsior Class-Refit, USS Providence. Hunt Served on the Providence for 3 years aiding the Ambassador in all Diplomatic Duty's and 3 months on Romulus as a Plenipotentiary. While on the Providence Hunt went on 67 Federation Mission and worked on many agreements after 1st Contacts had been made. After Ambassador Hasten was killed when his shuttle was the target of an attack. Hunt entered Star Fleet with a degree in Intel and a minor in Strategic Operations. Hunt was also selected for Flight School in his 3rd year at the Academy. In Hunts 4th year he went to the Advanced Flight Academy Mars. While at the Academy Hunt meet his 1st love David Harrigan, a Pilot and flight School Instructor. David was the main driving force to why Hunt went to Flight school. Guy did not want to hold a station at the helm. David and Guy became very close while Guy was at the Academy. Guy wanted a deep-sace duty posting and David wanted him to stay on Earth or Mars, this conflict resulted in the two’s break up. Hunt was Selected for Duty aboard the USS Resolution by Commander Toni Turner. After a few Mission Lt. Hunt was Transferd to the USS Independence NX-1776-A as its Chief of Operations

Guy is a lover of classical music, his mother had him in music school at the age three. Guy attended the Julliard School of Music. He first learned the Piano and them ventured off to the Piccolo, Flute, Basset Clarinet and his favorite the Violin. Guy later took up the Pipe Organ, and played at his Parents Anglican Church for a year, until leaving for the Diplomatic Core. When transferred to the USS Independence, Guy was very happy to find that there are two Pipe organs on board, on in the Chapel and the other in the Theater. After long stressful days on duty you can find guy in ether the one that is not being used playing the Organ. Guy also holds the USS Independence Symphony practice every Thursday night. Guy plays the Violin mostly in the Symphony Concerts, but will also play the pipe organ from time to time. Guy was the music Director for the Phantom of the Opera play the was held on the Independence, also playing the Organ for the play.

2370 Dominion Contact Guy was 15 Years Old

2375 Breen Attack on Earth Guy was 20 Years Old