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Four Letter Code HALA
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Halana/New Halana
Encountered DS9: Second Sight
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Halanans

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Psychoprojective telepathic humanoids who are capable of creating images up to two cubic meters in size which are solid but read as pure energy, like holograms. Natives of Halana are perhaps all dark-skinned with elongated and curved ears and have a very slight ridge on the nose. The Halanans rejoiced over Professor Seyetik's terraforming of the paradise-like New Halana. The original Halanan homeworld was destroyed when a large asteroidal moon crashed into the crust and triggered massive seismic disruptions. These disruptions obiterated all continents and landforms on Halana. Halanan culture is based on loyalty and it is famous that Halanans mate for life and carry abilities of psychoprojective telepathy, which runs amok unintentionally and without knowledge during bouts of emotional stress. Seyetik's wife, Nidell, is a native daughter of a local dignitary who had never been off-world.