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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code GRIZ
Federation Status Allied
Planet of Origin Garasa III
Encountered TNG: The Ensigns of Command
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level AAA
List of Named Grizzelas

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An intelligent, hybernating race known to both the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate. Captain Jean-Luc Picard outmaneuvered the hyper-diplomatic Sheliak at their own game when he stipulated that the Grizzelas, with six months of their hybernation cycle still to go, be made the neutral arbitors in the Tau Cygna V evacuation dispute. These relatively primitive, burly and bearlike people have an advanced society based on equality and fairness, but their technology is barely above the bronze age level. They are in communication with the rest of the galaxy because their world is in Klingon space and not under the influence of the Prime Directive. Since a year on their world is equal to 2.3 Standard Years, their natural winter hibernation takes six standard months, this causes the total shutdown of Grizzela society. Both hemispheres hibernate at once because of an axial tilt of less than 1º, causing planetwide uniform seasonal changes.