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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

((USS Garuda - Moonsong’s Quarters))

Greyson: I haven’t had anything this good in a long time. You did her proud.

Moonsong:  :: Even though she had her shields up fully, his genuine pleasure was obvious. :: I made peach pie for dessert. :: She smiled at him. The nervousness was starting to fade. ::

:: He made a soft mmm-mm noise in reply to the mention of peach pie. It was his favorite, and his father would only make it when peaches were in season. ::

Greyson: Peach pie! My favorite! Dad would only make it when peaches were in season on Earth.

Moonsong:  :: Her eyes brightened with pleasure. :: Mine too. Mother would make it for me instead of a birthday cake. I have ice cream to go with it.

:: Carter’s smile brightened, and he slowly undid his shirt to avoid getting ice cream on it. Beneath, he was wearing a standard grey tank top, which he didn’t mind if he got messy. ::

Greyson: Bring it on.

:: Raissa grinned at him and got up from the table. She removed the dirty dishes and replaced them with clean bowls. In front of him she set the 10” peach pie still warm on the table. A tub of ice cream followed. ::

Moonsong: :: She offered him the knife. :: If you would like to do the honors?

:: He took the knife by the hilt and carved her a slice of pie, before taking some for himself. Then, took a spoonful of ice cream which he gave to her first. He held off on retrieving some of the vanilla for himself, for now. Pie first, because he hadn’t had it in a long time. ::

:: Raissa’s appetite was better with dessert than it had been with the meal. She loved the combination of flavors. She would have to ask her mother to ship her some of the real thing so she could make Carter a pie that was more authentic. She found herself just smiling at him. It may be considered a small thing, but the fact that they shared a favorite dessert pleased her and oO Oh my that shirt fits him so well. Oo. She blinked in surprise where her thoughts had wandered. ::

Moonsong: :: She set aside her empty bowl. :: Would you like coffee?

:: He smiled in return, enjoying his pie. He carved himself a second slice, still not touching the ice cream. At the mention of coffee, he shook his head and had another sip of her soda. Yet, something about her eyes told him that she was distracted. ::

Greyson: What’s up, love?

Moonsong: :: She hesitated and then reminded herself that she was the reader, not him. :: I find you incredibly attractive.

Greyson: Likewise, darling. You just had that ‘I’m distracted’ look about you. Did you want to see me without the shirt? :: He took another bite of pie while waiting for her answer. ::

:: A part of Raissa’s mind was screaming ‘YES!’ as the other part of her mind struggled for a more sedate reply as she stared at him. Her mouth opened and closed a couple times making her look like a landed fish. ::

Moonsong: You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you?

:: How was he managing to keep her continually off balance? She was the counselor, not him. Of course counseling was not what she was thinking of which made her flush all over again. ::

:: He shook his head. And his voice betrayed no hint of what his true intentions were. ::

Greyson: No, love. I’m not doing anything on purpose. Just eating the pie. Which is delicious. :: and he took another sip of his drink. ::

Moonsong: All right…

:: She leaned her elbows on the table and then her chin on her folded hands as she watched him eat. The one thing she was sure of was that she had given him a good meal. His enjoyment was honest and that made her feel good. She could see many more meals she would be cooking for him. It also doubled her excuse for peach pie. ::

:: He smiled softly after the second slice of pie was gone, and wiped his mouth with his napkin. ::

Greyson: You have that distracted look. Or is that the ‘you are so dreamy’ look?

Moonsong: :: Smiling. :: Yes you are dreamy. Or were you just fishing for a compliment about how totally hot you are?

:: He smiled softly at her once more. ::

Greyson: You’re the first one to take a serious interest in me, love. I was thinking about a goatee, actually.

Moonsong: So that’s why you didn’t shave? :: She tilted her head slightly to the side. :: You could carry it.

:: He nodded faintly, with a smile. ::

Greyson: Correct. :: and got up from his chair slowly, advancing toward her. ::

:: Raissa dropped her hands and stood up taking a step back. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to touch her. She craved his touch. Yet. ::

Moonsong: Carter… My shields are holding… but if you touch me… I don’t know how long I can hold them… if you touch me… :: She trailed off unable to explain that being a telepath made her want a level of intimacy he might not be prepared to deal with. ::

:: He saw her hesitation, and he wanted to do something. Yet, if he made this move, it would either make things worse, or strengthen their bond. He took a breath, close enough to kiss if they made that choice. ::

Greyson: Do you want me to?

Moonsong: :: whispers :: More than anything….

Greyson: If I do this…?

Moonsong:  :: She looked up at him. :: It’s not me I’m worried about. It’s you… When my shields… fail… They will as we become… closer… I will will feel everything you feel… You’ll feel everything I feel…

:: He wanted her touch, more than he wanted anything else at the moment. With a nod of understanding, he whispered softly. ::

Greyson: I understand.

:: Raissa looked up at him. He was so close she could feel the heat of his body. She felt her shields falter. ::

Moonsong: :: Whisper. :: It is your choice, Carter…. Without being influenced by me or my abilities.

:: He saw the moment, and seized it. He pulled her close for a kiss, his lips meeting hers. Flashes of the last few hours of his life entered her mind as the kiss continued; staring at schematics and engineering texts. He was tense, but it was the type of tension one associates with fear or nervousness rather than stress. ::

:: Raissa’s shields fell the moment she gave into his embrace. She felt the flow of his emotions like a wave of warm water, easing her fear. This was the rare experience of knowing when you are loved. She relaxed into his kiss letting it wash over her. ::

Moonsong:: :: Softly. :: This is where… you think about me… not schematics….

:: He growled softly as she broke the kiss, then wrapped his arms around her gently as he stole another one. She filled his mind, pushing everything else out of it for the moment. ::

:: She basked in the warmth of his emotion as if she had been cold until he touched her. She relaxed against him, her arms stealing around his neck. ::

Moonsong: ~Carter… I love you...~

:: He didn’t react at first with thoughts, just deepened the kiss. He couldn’t think about anything else, just her. His body temp rose at least two degrees because of the closeness, his muscles tensing a bit more. ::

Greyson: oO I love you too...Oo

:: Anything else did not need words to be said. ::

Lt. (j.g.) Raissa Moonsong
USS Garuda


Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
USS Garuda
NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lt. Chythar Skyfire

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