Gravity Trap

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Gravity disc.JPG

One of the current projects on the workbench in Nyka's quarters. This is a prototype version that is close to completion. The Gravity Trap is a defensive weapon that generates a variable gravitational field in order to trap a hostile attacker. The disc measures 5 inches in diameter. It is a semi-flat disc that is aerodynamically designed for throwing, like a frisbee. The device is capable of generating variable levels of heavy-gravity in a two foot area that will essentially hold anything in the vicinity, i.e. a foot, hand, leg.

Trap time test results: 30 seconds.

Power source: Internal CC Power pack. Mark L micro gravity field generator.

Failsafe: Anti-crush safety sensor to prevent serious injury.

Trigger Mechanism Type: Manually by remote, designated tricorder, or automatic sensor activated.