Giasin Badlands

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The Giasin Badlands is a vast desert on Delica, covering almost three-quarters of the planet's surface. The Badlands are inhospitable and unrelenting, and should be traveled by only the most experienced desert navigators. The majority of the indigenous, nomadic tribes that live on Delica have made the Giasin Badlands their home.

A hostile, forbidding place, the desert landscape of Delica holds remarkable beauty to the introspective eye. Many natives view desert life as a test of fortitude or as a means of spiritual cleansing. The Giasin Badlands are a collective entity with an extreme range of moods. These vary from common desert landscape to ravaging ash storms.

The rich black sand gives the affect of being cloistered, protected. When Delicans want to be alone with their thoughts, a short walk in the desert puts their minds at ease and their spirits well within reach of the peace they may be seeking - thus the name Giasin, which in Old Renaaran means "peace."