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Gguss is a Brikar rugby style game that is played between two teams. It is played on an open dirt field which just had sidelines and end lines. Normally 130 meters in length, and 50 meters in width. However, there is not a set size for the field of play. For identification purposes one team wears a colored armband and the opposing team a different color. The game in played with both of the sexes, as there is no discrimination at all in the society. Only in the family structure are different roles that are traditional.

The goal of the game is to advance a rock or ‘ball’ to the opposite end line. Then a point is scored, the ball must be in the possession of a player. No forward passes are allowed and while kicking is not in the rules is it frowned upon as unsportsmanlike activity.

The game starts or the beginning of each new point at the center of the field. The ‘oldest’ Brikar citizen started the play by a simple clap of the hands. There are no substitutions until a point is scored. A mass huddle of players around the ball is the normal way to start the game.

The game is normally attended my large numbers of Brikar that stand in the open stadium. Only the very old are allowed by tradition to sit. Talking while permitted is not usual for the spectators. Only the slapping of shoulders in the only type of applause the crowd will participate in during the match.

The game can be quite violent, however, any type of taunting is an immediate disqualification to the player and shame is brought on to that family. Thus disqualifications are extremely rare.

The game continues till one team reaches the score of 17 or sunset.