Galdan Sector

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Spatial Analysis: Galdan Sector

Due to its lack of strategic importance and distance from Earth, Starfleet records on this sector are not extensive. As well as initial terraforming reports, there have been a total of 8 surveys of the sector in the last century.

Notable Systems

Notable Phenomena

  • The Kingston Nebula: Named for Alexis Kingston, CSO of the USS Newton. A huge nebula containing a number of chemicals particularly large concentrations of Helium and the highly flammable Cyrillium. Navigation is possible within the nebula but only at sub-light speeds and the Nebula's particularly high density interferes with ship's system such as sensors and phasers.
  • There have been reports of abnormally high antiprotons in much of the sector (Bolian survey, 2331) it has been theorised that this would make cloaking technology virtually obsolete within the region; this has however been as yet unproved.
  • The initial Vulcan science survey noted an unusual phenomenon, which was not included in any official scientific record but was described by their Chief Science Officer as Yon'sahriv (Fire-Storm). Although this phenomenon has never been fully explained there have been a number of unexplained combustion related accidents within the sector. A Cardassian exploration vessel was lost, along with all hands, in 2369 when it was engulfed in an unexplained ball of fire.

Data created by Lt. Akino Janaar, 238001.20