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Commissioned sometime around 2340, the Freedom-A has served Starfleet and the Federation for a little over forty years. She, along with other Tachyon class starships, were designed to replace the aging Constellation class. She served with distinction during several of the Federation's conflicts before being reassigned to Starbase 118 shortly before the Dominion War. The Freedom received a few tactical upgrades before reassignment, but she had been designed for exploration, not heavy combat. Thus, during the war, the crew performed a number of upgrades on their own to keep the Freedom in the fight.

The Freedom had a number of commanding officers during her time with Starbase 118's fleet. Her first was Jeff Pelletier. He commanded her through a number of operations during the early and mid periods of the Dominion War. He was recalled to Starfleet HQ, after which the Freedom had a few temporary commanding officers.

Her next permanent CO was Sandolphan Aquiss. He commanded her through the end of the war and through conflicts beyond, including an attack on a Borg Cube.

The Freedom was temporarily lost to another dimension while testing a new shield technology called the "Wall of Light". Due to an attack by a number of psionic beings, the crew were forces to abandon the ship and lock the shields on. Aquiss himself was later lost to that dimension as well. But this was not the end of either ship or captain. Both were later recovered by another ship in Starbase 118's fleet.

By this time, the Freedom had taken several poundings and her future was uncertain. Until issues could be resolved, she was stored at Starbase 118 until recovered by former crewman Captain Torack Demma, who took her to Deep Space 72 for repairs and refitting. After a short stint under another former crewman, Commander Robert Falcon, the Freedom was returned to Starbase 118 for an additional series of refits. Her history was starting to come back to haunt her, as all the upgrades made back during the Dominion War were finally breaking down. When she emerges from this refit, she will be both more stable and more capable then her original specifications, and likely able to serve the Federation for another forty years.


  • Registry Number: NCC-37014 A
  • Class: Tachyon
  • Classification: Exploration
  • Crew Compliment: Officers: 279
  • Enlisted Crew: 200
  • Total: 479
  • Civilians (Families): Permitted
  • Maximum Capacity: 700
  • Number of Decks:17
  • Height: 75 Metres
  • Width: 200 Metres
  • Length: 450 Metres
  • Warp Engines: MARA
  • Impulse Engines:Standard
  • Computer System: LCARS
  • Speed:Cruising: Warp 8
  • Emergency: Warp 9.2 (12 hours)
  • Maximum: Warp 9.9 (6 hoursStrength Index:801
  • Expected Duration: 100 Years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 2 Years
  • Major Refit Cycle: 5 Years
  • Motto: "Pro bono publico. (For the public's good.)