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Featured Bios 2016

List of Featured Articles from 2016

November 2016

Taelon was born and raised in relative isolation in a barren, arid red desert on Cestus II with his mother Azera. While he did receive some education at a school in a nearby colony, the majority of his education came from his mother and in assisting with her scientific research. His mother was often gone for long periods of time and it was during these times that Taelon learned self-reliance and discovered Starfleet.

Tensions with his mother, his primary (an near only) social outlet, became more and more volatile as he grew older and a heated argument in 2388 led him to finally leave and make his way to Earth where he enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

Featured Nominee: Randal Shayne

September 2016

Varaan is an only child who was born in the City of Khir Ahl on Vulcan. His mother was a diplomat and his father was a revered astrophysicist who sat on the board of the Vulcan Science Academy. Varaan always seemed to take a ‘hands on approach’ to learning by taking things apart and putting them back together. Despite this and his relatively low grades, his father used his influence to get Varaan into the more theoretical Vulcan Science Academy program.

However, after a two year struggle at the science academy, a failed Kolinahr attempt, the marriage to his wife and 8 years in the V’shar (Vulcan Intelligence) Varaan finally found his path on Earth at Starfleet Academy and has had a Starfleet career that has led him to the First Officer position aboard the USS Darwin.

Featured Nominee: Brandon Craig

July 2016

Savan is the only child of Vulcan scientists and originally hails from Vulcan. He had a quiet and uneventful childhood until a series of unfortunate and dramatic events were set in motion following Trellium-D exposure that would eventually end with the death of of his father, the breakdown of his mother, and the ‘emotional’ Vulcan living with a half-human relative in Santa Cruz on Earth.

Savan majored in Security, specializing in diplomacy, survival and tactics with a minor in Operations and Communications. Following his graduation from the Academy he was assigned to the Embassy on Duronis II where he continues to serve and was recently promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Featured Nominee: Solaris McLaren

  Hannibal Parker
May 2016

Large, intimidating, and a trained warrior. All are adjectives that could be used to describe Major Hannibal Parker the Marine CO and Chief of Security of the Embassy of Duronis II. Growing up as an overly aggressive and strong child to two loving parents on Earth, Major Parker was diagnosed at an early age of being in possession of a 'fortunate combination of genes and DNA' which his father cultivated into the demeanor of a trained warrior.

Utilizing his skills as a warrior, Parker joined Starfleet in 2387 being assigned to the USS Challenger-A as a tactical officer. During the course of his time as a Starfleet Officer, Parker has served in many roles across several different ships before transferring to the Embassy of Duronis II where he has served for the past four years.

Featured Nominee: Didrik Stennes

  Antero Flynn
February 2016

Brother to seven siblings , Antero Flynn hails from Risa, growing with a playful personality and a motivation to do more with his life when his younger brother's ship is suspected destroyed when it goes missing whilst on a terraforming mission.

Having joined Starfleet Academy, Flynn has an affinity for ship tactics and maneuverability, and signed onto the fleet as a Helm Officer for the USS Colombia, and when transferred to the USS Apollo-A in 2392, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The next year, he would be serving as a Helm, Communications and Operations officer at Starbase 118 and her support ship, the USS Albion.

Featured Nominee: Merrick R'Ven

  Cory Stoyer
January 2016

Born and raised in a place called Georgia in the North American region of Earth, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer began his career with Starfleet as an enlisted non-commissioned officer. Which was something that played in his favor during his time at the Academy. While the other cadets were occupied with what things would be like aboard a starship, Stoyer already knew and chose to spend his time sharing his experince with them.

After graduating the Academy, Stoyer was assigned to the USS Constituition-B where he would serve as an engineering officer for some time before being transferred to the USS Excalibur-A to serve as the HCO officer. After that he moved to the USS Victory for a stint before moving to his current role as the Chief Engineer of the USS Gorkon.

Featured Nominee: Baylen Anders