Eve Westwood's Quarters

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Eve does not keep a clean space. At any point, (piles of clothes, underwear, old plates of food, house plants) can be found strewn about the floor. Her personal effects include:

  • flannel cropped sleeveless button-down shirts
  • An authentic, non-replicated 1968 Woodstock poster
  • House plants
  • a painting easel
  • a photograph of her academy flight class (a gift from her favorite flight instructor)

USS Eagle

Each person aboard an Intrepid class starship is assigned a certain amount of personal living quarters space. These accommodations typically include a bedroom, living/work area, and a small bathroom. Other amenities available include food synthesizer terminals (replicators), sonic showers, standard showers, null-grav sleeping chambers, and personal holographic viewers.
In 2396, upon being assigned to the Eagle, Eve was assigned quarters on Deck 3, room 321.