Ethrixa zh’Khaallnoq

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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Ensign Ethrixa zh’Khaallnoq

Ethrixa zh’Khaallnoq is currently stationed as a Science Officer on board the USS Gorkon


  • Name - Ethrixa zh’Khaallnoq
  • Rank - Ensign
  • Ship - USS Gorkon
  • Position - Scientist - Genetics & Biology
  • Species - Andorian / Denobulan
  • Gender - Female/Zhen
  • Age - 25
  • D.O.B. - 30th March 2371
  • Birthplace - Ulkhar, Denobula
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: White
  • Height: 1.68m (5’6”)


Biological Parents

  • Mother - Denobulan:
    • Stephax - Works for Lotac Cider Company Sales Department
  • Fathers - Andorian:
    • Thavan - Shrenarhl th’Irhaoiahlel - Jonavani - Bartender
    • Charan - Akitythlov ch’Ezhynioq - Kul’Tani - Bartender & Waiter

Other Parents

    • Zhavey - Ithythallat zh’Khaallnoq - Dharan Uplander - Waitress & Singer
    • Shreva - Thralhitao sh’Ashraosril - Kul’Tani - Chef


    • Andorian Thaan - Kythahlaan th’Khaallnoq - 20
    • Andorian Shen - Ishorehsia sh’Khaallnoq - 18
    • Denobulan Andorian Female/Zhen - Jhrethlevex zh’Khaallnoq - 18
    • Denobulan Andorian Male/Chan - Strekahlekh ch’Khaallnoq - 20


Likes: Singing, Pool, Genetics

Dislikes: Orions, Raktajino


Ethrixa’s Denobulan mother, Stephax was on a business trip to Andoria in 2371 when she met Shrenarhl and Akitythlov. She was working in the sales department of the Denobulan Lotac Cider Company, attempting to expand the market to Andoria. Shrenarhl and Akitythlov owned a bar in the Andorian city of Lor’Tan, along with their wives Ithythallat and Thralhitao. When Stephax visited their establishment, The Atlirith’s Feather, her intention was to try and sell them her product. She did not anticipate spending the day talking with them, and subsequently being seduced by the easy charms of the blue men. One thing led to another and Stephax ended up spending the night with the four Andorians. She saw the four several times over the next few days, and spent more than a few nights with them. Shortly before she was scheduled to leave Andoria, Stephax realized that she was pregnant, and there was only one place it could have happened. She returned, and spoke with the four, who were surprised that Shrenarhl and Akitythlov had managed to impregnate the Denobulan, none of them had known it was possible. In the spur of the moment the four Andorians decided to return to Denobula with Stephax, and the unborn child. Upon arriving on Denobula, they acquired a building, which they converted into a new bar, The Atlirith Reborn. It was finished and opened a week after Stephax gave birth to a girl they named Ethrixa, a hybridization of Andorian and Denobulan names, just as the child was a Hybrid of the two species. A few days later, the four became five, as they held a small wedding in their bar, and joined Stephax into their family.

Ethrixa spent much of her childhood lurking with her friends in and around her parents bar. The bar contained elements of bars from across different cultures. One of these elements was a Human Pool Table. Ethrixa and her friends became very skilled players, often fooling innocent newcomers into playing a game, then winning by an impressive margin. Ethrixa's Zhavey, Ithythallat, would sometimes sing at the bar, and when she was 13 Ethrixa decided she wanted to sing as well. She wasn't great in the beginning, but made up for that with boundless enthusiasm. By 15 she was a decent singer, and together with a few of her friends, they formed a band. They quickly became very popular attractions at the bar, playing every weekend to huge crowds.

At 18, upon graduating from high school, Ethrixa decided to attend the Denobulan Science Academy. She spent three years studying there, and obtained her undergraduate degree in Genetics, with a minor in Biology. Ethrixa wanted more after this, and after discussion with her parents she decided to join Starfleet. She studied at the Denobulan branch of Starfleet Academy, which was much smaller than the Academy on Earth.

Ethrixa was raised on Denobula in the capital city, Ulkhar. Raised by her loving parents, she always felt safe. She did struggle with her identity when she was a child, being a hybrid wasn’t easy and often called herself a Andobulan, despite her parents regularly telling her that she had no need to call herself that. She enjoyed having 5 parents as she always had someone to go to if she had a problem, she used the Andorian titles for her parents, so she could easily differentiate between the 5 of them, having 3 mothers and 2 fathers was difficult if she needed a specific one of them and another came when she called mum, or dad.

Due to the size of the campus on Denobula, the population was mostly Denobulan, with a few other species from nearby systems dotted around. She didn’t struggle too much too fit in as most of the people in her classes she had attended the Denobula Science Academy with and they were already good friends, There was only one person who bullied her, an Orion who called her a “freak of nature” after speaking with some people about it the Orion cadet was given a formal warning and was moved off the Denobula Campus of SFA. She got high grades at the Academy, and by the end of her time there she had completed her PhD in Genetics. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Gorkon.