Erik Maximoff

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  • Name: Erik Magnus Lensherr Maximoff
  • Position: Captain of former Starfleet ship USS Avenger, now Orion Pirate ship
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 67
  • Current Assignment: Unknown. The last rumors of Captain Erik Maximoff was as a prisoner to an as yet unknown race. It is highly unlikely that he is still being held prisoner, as it has been a year since that rumor began.
  • Personality & Appearance: Erik is the father of Pietro Maximoff of the USS Constitution-B... and he very much plays the part. The resemblance between the two is very striking... Erik and Pietro could appear to be twins with a forty year age difference. However, Erik has not weathered the years well. His reasons for leaving Starfleet are unknown, but the unofficial report is he was upset with the Federation and Starfleet after the Borg incursion at Wolf 359. He lost his first command, the Nebula-class USS Bellerophon, and was promptly "rewarded" with captaincy of one of the newest Defiant-class ships, the USS Avenger. From that point on... Erik has been a mystery. He and his remaining crew made off with the Avenger, and sources say he may have headed directly for the Orion Syndicate. Because of Starfleet's prior encounters with the Orion Pirates, it is safe to assume that Erik Maximoff is not a pleasant character.