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Ensign Emilio Bondelleo, a Terran, is currently serving as a medical officer on the USS Tiger-A.

USS Tiger-A
Emilio Bondelleo


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Medical Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Human

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  • Full name: Emilio Antonio Bondelleo

(only my mom says my entire name when I'm in trouble)

  • Date of birth (Age): 236312.14 (25)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown (few greys if you look close, first noticed at 15)
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Height: 5'11"


  • Parents: Hannz and Marie
  • Siblings: Olita
  • Spouse: Not anymore (The Ex is in civilian restruant.)
  • Children: One (loves butterflies and fairytales)

Chronological History

The following is about me until the bottom I intend to incorporate into my character. Only thing that is completely fake is the names are made up, but the numbers above are accurate accept for me age and that I'm not saying. I know that none of you who are reading my histology report know anything about me, like friends and family do. So perhaps this might eleminate a few possible questions of my personality and history and, for my benefit, I don't have to use as much of my imagination. I also hope that this will also give you an idea as to who I am in person as well as how I might also play out Doctor Emilio Antonio Bondelleo.

Born as the oldest of two siblings, I was a blessing for my parents as the perfect child. Well, at the beginning at least. Mom enjoyed painting with oils, and had no issues leaving her projects out in my reach as I left everything alone that was not mine. Dad wanted 6 kids. Mom offered 2 and the other 4 was up to him on how, within traditional marriage that is. My sister ended that thought. Artificial heart valve and always into everything, she made parenting a challenge. My sister and I did not get along too well either, which added to the challenge, but we also stuck up to one another from out of family taunts.

Dad was in the military in the engineering department where he excelled in for several years in active duty almost 40 years ago. Also able to pilot most anything, listen to a engine and diagnose it, and having a collection of weapons to have around the house kept in a secured location. Later teaching my sister and I how to use and maintain them.

Mom kept to family operated garden/flower nursery owned by my grandparents and old fashion hobbies handed down over the generations such as cross stitching, both sister and I also learned once we had the patience. I learned the basics but didn't have much interest to continue on it, but I could actually relearn it fairly easy.

General family aspects is strongly in agriculture, botany, classical music and wondering through the wilderness and doing old fashion camping and house projects while sharing them with everyone else. Degrees are held through out the families though. Mine's in the working in the medical field in medical records management and care giving training.

I have learned how to play the flute and piccolo (small version of a flute), become a first responder, life guard, volunteer police cadet via youth group in association with local police force, graduated a year early in high school and took courses in basic law and more advance first responder. After some college, security officer, entry level engineer, forestry/fire fighter, equipment operator, care giver, medical records while in returning to college. I have also taught myself how to read most of my first grade level before starting school by age of 5, learned how to use word programs at 12 and even instructed my parents as well, email and so on; at least of my computer knowledge has been trial and error by self taught means. Even taking docs from an old Word version to a new version and vice versa. And yes, it can be done.

My off time, I enjoy cup of coffee, prune juice once in a while (well before TNG mind you), various music, playing my flute, writing whatever comes to mind to do something, reading, finding the perfect cup of coffee while on a special diet: the "see" food diet. I see food, I eat food. Not much I don't like or would turn away. In addition, I have learned several basic things in Akido, a form of martial arts dating back to Ancient China that farmers used in self defense. Unlike Karate, Akido is purely defense of blocks, take downs and evading.

For Star Trek: After high school, entered into nursing, then entered into Starfleet Academy for the sake of bouncing around the stars and hopefully I wont be on the front line of some dog fight. But knowing little Akido, weapon use and tactics, I at least feel competent in such situations.

Grandparents with their garden shop, I was allowed to operate some vehicles around Earth. Nothing fancy really. It was only moving plants from one spot to another. Dad did allow me to operate a personal craft at a very young age, younger then what was suppose to have been allowed but not all the time. In order for me to operate the craft, I had to make sure that everything was in order, more or less like a Quarter Master. However, this tid-bit don't mean I can take the controls of a Nova-Class ship, but a gentle nothing fancy cruise.

I'm social individual. I try not to screw up, but if I do, I do at least learn from them and hope I don't have to admit to screwing up. I can work together and individually. I can take orders and do nothing less then my best to complete them. Once I'm in a comfortable position and know what is all going on, I have no issues taking lead. I also try to give/offer suggestions and think outside of the box.