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Hannibal Parker has constructed a home on Duronis II for himself and his family, plus any guests who choose to stay.

The house is two and a half stories tall, with an expansive kitchen, large open den with fireplace, seven bedrooms (three on the first floor, four on the second floor.) The second floor has a wrap around patio and each bedroom opens out onto it. In addition, the bedrooms are connected by hallways inside. Each bedroom is equipped with a terminal, small weapons locker, and a king size bed. There are two large bathrooms upstairs and one in the master bedroom and another on on the first floor.

The house is square, constructed with duranium and steel.

An office is located downstairs with secure, encrypted terminals which can receive or transmit messages anywhere in the fleet.

The upper floor opens out onto the roof of the second floor, which has been topped with an all weather surface, with ample open areas for working out, shooting out over the water if so desired, or quiet contemplation. Force fields can be enacted which will keep the more exuberant on the roof and safe from danger.

The first floor also contains an armory, which connects to a small workshop for the maintenance of energy and projectile weapons, and honing of edged weapons.


OOC: This means no one below the rank of Lieutenant Commander will know about these features for the purpose of simming, with special exceptions.::

The Parker home has been designated as an Embassy "safe house" and a hidden elevator can evacuate persons into a "safe room" located fifty meters underneath the home. Secured by duranium blast doors, the house is connected to Marine CIC, the hangar bay, the main Embassy, Admiral Turners' quarters, and the Intelligence bunker known as The Hive underground through an existing network of tunnels. A bank of powerful batteries can keep the place with full lighting and power for up to 45 days. Rations are also kept for that same time period, as well as potable water.

The Parker home is fitted with several defensive measures designed to delay or defeat an opposing force. The windows are blast-resistant tinted clearsteel. Ablative armor has been placed between the walls and between the floors. Camouflaged phaser stun mats exist outward ten feet from the sides of the house and can be activated from several locations, including Marine CIC and The Hive.

Hidden on the roof are four pulse phaser cannons, plus four 20 millimeter cannons capable of spitting out one thousand rounds per minute of depleted duranium ammunition. Also concealed on the roof to combat possible air assault are two missile launchers with a total of sixteen missles to be used against air threats.

All these systems are designed to work with the Parker enhanced Embassy defense grid and can be accessed by Embassy officers and from on board USS Thunder-A, USS Thor, and USS Bronwyn.