Elizabeth Aubrey

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Judge Advocate General's Corps
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Elizabeth Aubrey
Position Acting Deputy Chief Justice
Rank Rear Admiral
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 232607.07
Age 71
Birthplace London, Earth

(Acting) Rear Admiral Elizabeth Aubrey is assigned as the Acting Deputy Chief Justice at the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corps.

Personal Characteristics

  • Height: 1.61m
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Spoken Accent: Stern English boarding school headmistress.


Rear Admiral Aubrey is married to her wife Helena, and they have four children, and ten grandchildren between them. When she isn't administering justice on behalf of the Federation, she spends time at home on Earth at her family's country cottage in England where she is an avid gardener, occasional painter, and family matriarch to her grandchildren.

Career History

Admiral Aubrey started her legal career as a civilian prosecutor, quickly establishing herself as a rising star and taking on challenging cases in the Federation's judiciary. Specializing in representing the Federation against organized criminal enterprises, she gained a reputation as an uncompromising moral figure and tenacious investigator. On several occasions, she requested and then personally led fact-finding missions to fill in gaps in cases that had been left by the originating investigative departments. These missions did not earn her many friends in the legal enforcement arms of the Federation, but they did allow her to close an impressive 90% of her cases with convictions.

When the Dominion War broke out, Elizabeth served as a legal attache to several regional task force commanders and planetary governors, especially in areas with heightened civil unrest due to the war. Almost immediately after the war's conclusion, she was called to the bench and appointed as a member of the Dominion War Crimes Tribunal, along with a dozen of her peers in the judiciary. She spent the next several years presiding over the trials of accused war criminals from all sides of the conflict and further solidified her iron reputation for fair but uncompromising justice.

Following her service on the tribunal, she was selected to serve in Starfleet's Judge Advocate General's Office, tasked with the administration of justice and conduct of trials for members of Starfleet. She was commissioned with the brevet rank of Captain, a special act by the Commander in Chief of Starfleet and Federation President as she had never served as an officer in the fleet, but taking into account her years of public service and experience. She quickly established herself as a titan among her peers, gaining the respect of the chief justice and earning her promotion to Commodore. She recently took on the role of Acting Deputy Chief Justice, which among the litany of new responsibilities also included an acting promotion to Rear Admiral.