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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code ELAY
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Elaysia II
Encountered DS9: Melora
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Elaysians

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Elaysians are mostly humanoid with two bizarre exceptions. The very low gravity of their homeworld has caused an atmosphere that is more akin to pre-terraform Mars than of a class M world. This has created difficulty in there assimilation into the galactic culture, since no other humanoid race is as accustomed to low gravity as them. Their physiology is very different also in that they require only .16% oxygen in a standard pressure enviroment, and the remainder of their energy comes from anaerobic reaction in their cells. Despite these unique biological differences, Elaysians eat the same food and look quite similar to us. They also cannot interbreed with other humanoid races because of these differences, however. They require the use of a limited motor support exoskeleton for living in a standard class M enviroment. The Elaysians have been members of the Federation for almost a century, but few travel offworld because of the need to use anti-grav wheelchairs whenever they leave. Ensign Melora Pazlar is the first native to be in Starfleet. They are familiar with mass transit concepts, including the old Terran "trolley car". They are not to be confused with the Elasians of the Tellun system in the UFP-Klingon-border area.