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  • it's orbit is approximately 139 million km from it's star
  • a greenhouse planet with a diameter of 13,307 km (8,317 miles).
  • a density of 4.3 and a gravity of 0.82 G's
  • a standard atmosphere of 0.96 with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gases 3%
  • it has an axial tilt of 13% that results in some seasonal variations
  • day time temperatures are on average 26C to 39C and night time temeratures are on average 11C to 27C with season fluxuations of between 15 and 25 degrees
  • surface water over 56% of the planets surface with 43% of that being salt water oceans
  • with a year of 251 days, each day is 22.3 hours long
  • dense masses of vegetation cover the entire planets surface


  • unknown at this time, as the only known survey was conducted by the Klingons