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LT. Cmdr. Eerie -USS Avandar - Eden revisited

((Corridor outside of the Holodeck))

Eerie walked by the Holodeck and looked at the controls from the outside. There was a program running but it was not named. But the author was Lt. Mancuso. Eerie had not talked to the officer in a long time. They had worked effectively during the ‘Eden’ experience and kept things going during the nebula::


Eerie entered the Holodeck and looked around. He knew the terrain only too well. It was ‘Eden’ from what he could tell. He started walking around the deserted camp looking for whoever was running the program.::

Eerie had a lot of mixed emotions about the ‘Eden’ experience. He had been given a lot of authority and worked hard. That was that he was proud of. His daughter, and the friendship of DeBarres and Kagran. However, there were a lot of negatives about the experience...the deaths..... most notable of Peiy., The traitors ….Blackwood...which would color their friendship up to the very end. ::

oO(Eerie) Why would anyone want to recreate this?Oo

Eerie then started to walk around the outline of the camp. Looking for the hill that would give him a better vantage point:: The he saw Mancuso just staggering around in the grassland.::

Then he saw him fall and then let out a scream, Eerie started running at him, he stopped at the crumpled Mancuso.::

Mancuso: That's it. No more. I've had enough.

Eerie: Are you all right, Lieutenant? ::Standing over the engineer::

Mancuso: ::He turned and winced.:: I said.....nevermind. I'm drunk.

Eerie:: The Brikar was confused, not by the drunkness. He had seen more than his share of drunk terrans, but why Eden:: Is this Eden?

Mancuso:'s Eden. Was. Was Eden. :: He sighed.:: Computer. End program.

Eerie: Why...would you oO Anyone what to come back to his horrible place? Oo want to come back here?

Mancuso: I get away.

Eerie: That I can understand, but that was a place of sorrow.

Mancuso: I just feel....lost. And drunk. And probably soon....very hungover.

Eerie put his arm under Mancuso’s and got him up to his feet, and started to guide him to the exit.::

Eerie: Come on Lieutenant, we can do better than that place......You are a good officer....

Eerie certainly believed that. He would of talked to him about his interesting NCO Valaine, but this was not the time or the place. It was time to get Mancuso to bed::

Lt. Cmdr. Eerie Chief Tactical/Security USS Avandar