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“Wind in your fur and stars in your eyes.”

Aeryn Vescori

Outside of the game Blaidd usually responds to the name Michael. And a couple of other nicknames as well, like Druon or even LazyWolf (which dates back to his time at school tackling his first foreign languge, when even basic English was 'waaaay cool'). Those nicks where mostly created in response to his various hobbies and interests, among them beyond Star Trek roleplaying games in general, LAN parties (before the internet really became a thing here) and the protection of animals.

Blaidd hails from Germany! You can find him in the western part of the country, in the state North Rhine-Westphalia if you manage to find Bielefeld, the town that supposedly doesn't exist (Bielefeld conspiracy).

Since the world of Star Trek still is a future utopia and money remains a very real issue, on business days he switches shirts from gold to teal and works as an Elderly Care Nurse.

You can find his character here: Blaidd Vescori