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Draco Stellarum

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The Draco Stellarum (known colloquially simply as "the dragons") are a species of carnivorous aliens from outside the Milky Way Galaxy. They are from the Draco Dwarf galaxy and accidentally found a way into our galaxy by way of a naturally occurring waycorridor, which opened beside gravity well that led them to the Azure Nebula. They are carnivorous, and they feed off of flesh, causing them to attack ships in their newfound location. They are believed to be able to rip through almost any hull with the use of their mighty claws and travel through space without the aid of a ship.


In general they are roughly dragon-like in appearance, though their physiology is anything but dragon-like.

  • Height: 8-12 feet fully grown on all 4 legs
  • Skin Tone: Ashen grey to black, hard to see against a starfield
  • Markings: Varies, generally scars of other battles
  • Body Modifications: Wings
  • Build: Large, muscular, dragon-like
  • Face: Elongated like a dragon's
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Eyes: Almond shaped giving an 'evil' appearance to their visage
  • Mouth: Large, long, filled with rows of sharp teeth
  • Arms: Muscular, ending in sharp talons
  • Legs: Thick, muscular, ending in sharp talons
  • Carriage: Regal, unless attacking or fleeing
  • Voice: To beings in the Milky Way, their speech seems like high pitched screeching that, in their own galaxy, has paralyzing effects on its normal prey.



Unlike most species puberty for dragons is not a process of attaining the ability to reproduce. Rather puberty is a rapid and often violent change from being a juvenile dragon to an adult.


Not much is known about dragon reproduction. However it appears that dragons do have a concept of parent (for example, Puncdor's mother) thus hinting at sexual reproduction.


The dragons are a space-borne organism. Their advanced physiology and bizarre forms of travel hint at an evolutionary history unlike our own and probably aided artificially.

Dragons are also able to travel through certain spatial phenomena without injury. Puncdor used the term "dark space" for "black hole", and seemed more than happy to travel through the phenomenon, while most species would consider a black hole to be certain death. It is apparent that dragons are capable of faster than light travel by means of bending space time around themselves. The means by which they do this are not well understood.


Dragon culture starts and ends during "childhood." Here childhood is understood not to mean immaturity but rather a literal precursor to adulthood. For dragon culture the attainment of adulthood is tentamount to the death of the individual as a member of society and the promotion of that individual to the status of defender of the culture. The fully grown adult then becomes a carnivore and feeds on creatures referred to as "Evastock and the Korbastik." Nothing is known of these entities aside from their being mentioned by the Dragon Puncdor.

Notable Dragons

  • Puncdor