Della Vetri Personal Log Stardate 238507.19

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Well, as first days go, that was pretty eventful.

Let's see. Went to report to the station commander, only to find out he was off doing something else. Then got called down to meet him at one of the runabouts.

That's when it started getting...interesting. I got to meet a bunch of other newly assigned people, and a few of the more experienced officers, and the boss loaded us all up into a ruanbout an we headed off toward the Neutral Zone.

I can think of safer places to mess about as a newly commissioned Ensign, but no-one asked my opinion...

Anyway... Turns out we where meant to be meeting up with someone. A lot of question marks are still hanging over that mission, for me.

Why send a runabout full of Ensigns, and one of the most senior officers in the sector? Why were there a pair of Romulan Warbirds on the wrong side of the Zone. Why did one of the Warbirds blow the other into shrapnel? What was the information that the Romulan Captain handed over?

Why am I bothering to ask these questions?

I'm just glad we got back alive and intact...

Still, like I said, I got to meet some of my fellow officers. I was going to say "fellow crew mates" but the message I just got kinda changes things a bit.

Yep, here I am, almost unpacked and beginning to get settled, and I'm already being reassigned.

The USS Indria-A. According to the records, it's been in mothballs for a while, but they're bringing it back into service. According to my new orders, I'm to take the position of Ship's Counselor.


Don't get me wrong, I trained for this, it's what I signed on to do. I was just hoping to get a little more experience under my belt working as an Assistant Counselor for a while, before I took on a job like this.

I'm going to be responsible for the mental health and well-being of four hundred and fifty people, and I've been out of the Academy for what? A couple of weeks?

I'd be nervous, but I'm too damn scared of screwing up...

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