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SIM by Alice de Wynter

(( Starbase 118 - San Francisco - Alice de Wynter's living quarters))

Alice shot upright in her bed as her dreams flashed vividly through her mind. A starship, unclear which one, was stranded in space and the crew members we slowly dying from a mysterious disease. Then the images stopped and she was aware of herself again.::

De Wynter: Computer can you be really cool and tell me what time I've got to be at the shuttle for?

Computer AI: 11:00 hours. Might I suggest...

oO 11:00, that gives me...around 2 hours. That should be enough time! Oo

De Wynter: Yeah yeah, thanks. Oh! Turn the shower on for me too, can't be bothered to do it myself. Thanks!

She got up and wandered over to the bathroom and promptly jumped into the shower. The sudden flow of water woke her fully and soon she was done and had gotten dried and dressed in her new uniform.::

De Wynter: The USS Gorkon. Sounds très intéressant, working as...a helm officer. ::Alice wasn't in the slight disappointed. She liked being in control of the ship.:: Wonder where my training buddies have been posted?

Soon Alice was out the door and down the road in her favourite cafe, eating a croissant decorated with strawberry jam and humming along to an old song take her mother had sung to her when she was younger.::

oO My mother would've loved to see me like this. I'll send her a picture later. Oo

De Wynter: Ok. So the time is ::quickly checking the time:: 10:37. Better get off then. Thanks for the croissant, the best one yet!

Alice skipped out of the shop, brushing any traces of crumbs off her uniform. Wisps of hair had fallen from her Heidi Braid in the sudden rush to get the the shuttle on time and with every corner the bus turned the time decreased.::

Finally the bus arrived at the location of the shuttle and with a swift thank you Alice jumped off and hurried to the aircraft with barley any minutes to spare.::

oO Here we go! Oo

((Starbase 118 – Shuttle bay 6 - 10:57))

With a sigh of relief Alice boarded the shuttle and took in her surroundings. She hadn't brought much luggage. Only a couple of extra uniforms she had been given, a few other bits and bobs but the things that took the most space was her vast arrangement of books, varying from fiction to non-fiction, sci-fi to realism.::

oO Wow, uh...people. Everywhere! Oo

Alice shuffled around for a couple of minutes to find somewhere to sit before passing Ensign Jaxton Vee, an Ensign that Alice had trained with as Cadet::

De Wynter: Jaxton! Bonjour...ah sorry...hi.

oO Stop speaking in French to everyone for once in your life Alice! Oo

Vee: Ensign De Wynter ::he placed the PADD in his lap so as not to divide his attention:: What a pleasant surprise.

De Wynter: Can I sit here? ::Motioning to an empty seat to his right.::

Vee: Certainly, please do. ::Jaxton dusted off the seat for her with his hand to welcome her company.::

Alice was glad that she knew someone who had been stationed on the USS Gorkon and almost instantly felt at ease.::

oO This will be so cool, I bet the ship is going to be so much bigger than I expect it to be! Oo

De Wynter: How long until we set off?

Vee: Any second by my calculations. Had a talk with the Pilot, He was doing the pre-flight check list and inspection and should be done with those by now. All these civilians are being transferred to the Stonefield shortly after we depart. Looks like we will not have to rub elbows the entire trip. ::He gave her a mischievous smile.::


Ensign Alice de Wynter

Helm Officer

USS Gorkon