SIM:Darwin Awards 239104.22 Ceremony

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Posted 239104.22

((Conference Room 1, Deck 1))

Reinard: Now, I have a few announcements to make. Please welcome Ensign Margariti, who will be joining the medical department and Lieutenant Matthews who is joining the science department as its new chief. Commander Ethan Brice will be joining the engineering department and Lieutenant Chen is joining us as our new chief of intelligence. Welcome aboard to all of you, I look forward to working with you over the coming months. My door is always open, so don’t hesitate to come and see me if there’s anything you need.

Margariti: Response

Matthews/E Brice/Chen: Responses

Thomas: Response

::It was time to call in his special guest who was probably hovering nervously outside right now, waiting to be invited in. He didn’t want to keep her waiting too long and double tapped his badge. ::

Reinard: =/\= Captain Reinard to Crewman Saroa, you can come in now. =/\=

::Moments later the door opened and a very nervous looking blonde haired Betazoid walked in. ::

Reinard: Thank you for joining us crewman. Lieutenant Baker if you could join me at the front for a moment.

::Greir slid two boxes towards Kael. The first was a distinctive rosewood box and the other contained a service ribbon. Kael would get to do the honours, just like last time and just as he had done when serving as first officer. This part of the job was one of his favourites as he always loved to see capable officers rewarded for their hard work. ::

Reinard: Lieutenant Baker, you may only have been here for a short while but you’ve served with distinction. You’ve shown great leadership and engineering skill. From disarming the dampening field device on the freighter to putting yourself at risk to stop the freighter from self-destructing you’ve shown great courage and the ability to work under immense pressure. That’s why it’s my honour and privilege to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant, with all the privileges and responsibilities thereof.

::Greir offered the human a firm handshake to congratulate him and led the applause as Commander Thomas replaced the half pip with the pip of a full Lieutenant. He didn’t know the engineer very well yet but it was something he hoped to change in time. He didn’t want to be one of those undoubtedly lonely Captains who never talked to their crew. ::

Thomas: Response

Baker: Response

Reinard: I also award to you, Ensign Larson and Crewman Saroa the Good conduct ribbon for your work in stopping the freighter from self-destructing. You all put your lives on the line, worked hard as a team, under great pressure and your actions kept the rest of the crew safe and preserved all the evidence aboard the ship. We couldn’t have asked for a better result, so thank you and well done.

Thomas: Response

Baker: Response

Larson: Response

Saroa: Thank you sir. ::Beaming::

Reinard: Crewman, I’m not quite done with you. If you could step forward now please.

::The crewman had only been with them for one mission but had clearly had a positive impact on her department because her colleagues had all praised her work ethic, positive attitude and hard work. She had made some valuable contributions throughout the last mission, including her work helping to stop the self-destruct. Once she had stepped forward he slid the second rosewood box towards Kael and carried on. ::

Reinard: Crewman Saroa, your hard work has impressed us all. You’ve shown a willingness to chip in wherever needed and for every success we achieved through the last mission you were there working hard to support your team. For that reason I’m proud to promote you to the rank of Crewman 2nd Class, congratulations.

::Once again Greir congratulated her and led another round of applause as Thomas changed her pips over for her. ::

Thomas: Response

Baker/James: Response

Saroa: Thank you very much. ::Beaming with pride and going a little pink in the face::

Reinard: You’re very welcome Crewman, keep up the good work, that’s all for now.

::She bowed her head and left the room like her heels were on fire but she was clearly very pleased with herself and that made him feel pretty satisfied. There were only two more ribbons to be awarded now and one of them was for him. The last time he’d earned this it had been for losing his hearing. He’d been lucky that was all he’d lost as he’d almost died twice and so was glad the injury that got him this second one was much less severe. ::

Reinard: For injuries sustained in the line of duty Starfleet awards the purple ribbon to myself and Commander K Brice. You showed great mental and emotional resilience and managed to remain strong and calm the situation despite having been injured yourself. I hope you’re feeling fully recovered now.

K Brice: Response

Thomas: Response

::Greir had a feeling there may always be a bit of shame attached to the ribbon given the way he’d behaved after being drugged. He hoped he’d get over it in time as it wasn’t how he wanted to feel about anything in life and having a lingering feeling like that was never a good thing. He slid the award to Thomas and allowed him to give it to her. Having done the announcements, promotions and awards it was time to talk about their next mission. He had kept people waiting quite long enough to find out what they were getting themselves into and it was time to reveal what he knew. ::


Captain Greir Reinard
Commanding Officer
USS Darwin-A
Cadet Steward: UFOP: SB118 Academy