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Cura Sakara Assanti

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Inactive
  • Rank: Captain (resigned)
  • Race: Betazoid/Argelian
  • Partner: John Stone (divorced)
  • Children: John Stone, Jr.

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Species: Betazoid/Argelian

Gender: Female

Born: 236006.28.12:01 PM

Place of Birth: Argelius II, Acura City

Hair: Auburn, long, curly

Eyes: One Black, One Blue

Height: 5 feet, 7.5 inc

Captain Cura Assanti was born on Argelius II in the city of Acura. She was one of twins. Her brother, Kole Assanti was born a minute before her. Cura was raised in the luxuries of Argelian life-style for 5 years before their family moved to Betazed. Cura and her brother were taught by governesses until they both entered Betazed University. Cura excelled in the arts and sciences, while her bother excelled in security and defence tactics. Upon graduation from Betazed Univeristy, Cura entered Star Fleet. She graduated from the Academy and was stationed aboard the USS Constitution as Assistant to the Helm/Com/Ops Chief. After serving in that capasity for a few months, it became apparent to her Captain, Xan Hebron, that she would serve better in the science department. She was named Chief of Science and upranked to Lt. jg. She was again upranked to Full Lieutenant a few months after. After several missions, she was upranked to Lt. Commander. She then took on a different Counselor of the Constitution crew. She was then re-assigned to Starbase 118 Ops as Chief of Operations. After a few missions she was re-assigned to the USS Victory as Chief Science Officer. After a few missions she was again re-assigned to the Starbase 118 Ops as Second Officer. The USS Victory was decommissioned. At the "meet and greet" party aboard Starbase 118 Ops in the Gala Hall Beta, terrorists opened fire on the crew, hitting Lt. Cmdr Assanti and Commander Diamond. Commander Diamond went into a coma and Lt. Cmdr Cura Assanti Stone became First Officer.

While stationed aboard the USS Constitution, she married Commander John E Stone who was First Officer. Unfortunately after their reassinment to the Starbase the first time, they were separated due to an assignment by Starfleet Intelligence to Commander John Stone. The newly married couple didn't know it, but their separation would last a long while. Cura fortunately, met up with John Stone on Deep Space Nine where they had a few hours to reunite. After checking with the Victory's CMO, Cura found that she was pregnant with John Stone's baby. She was able to keep this secret from other members of the crew during the Victory's decommissioning.

Captain Cura Assanti, unknown to many, is also Queen of Argelius II, a position that she secretly still holds. Despite efforts to keep this underwraps, there are a few who know of her status. Senators and Dignitaries from Argelius do keep in contact with Cura from time to time. At the moment, Cura's brother, Kole Assanti is acting King in her stead, but few hardly follow proper protocol, which would be to contact her brother with matters of state. Instead, many seek her advice and imput on Argelian matters to this date. A frequent visitor to the Starbase will be one, Senator Daffazi, who is a member of the Imperial Senate of Argelius II. Another frequent visitor would be Ashely, the Queen's clone, who acts as the Captain in times of great need. To date, there has not been a need for the Queen and clone to switch places as of yet. However, the possiblity does exist.

Captain Assanti also has an adopted son named Mulan. He is Cardassain and is 6 years old now. He was a young baby when she rescued him from a mining camp in Cardassian space when she was on a mission with the USS Constitution. On this mission, Cura was captured, beaten, and raped by a Klingon from the Mirror Universe. When she saw Mulan after being rescued by Paul Diamond, it brought her out of the darkness she had sunken into. So she kept the boy as her own child. She also saved Naomi, also a Cardassain female, and hired her as his nanny. Where ever Lt. Cmdr Assanti lived in her tour of duty with Star Fleet, the two Cardassians were not far from her, residing on bases and moving place to place.

While stationed on the USS Victory, Cura met up with her husband on DS9 in a holodeck, where they conceived a child. Lt. Cmdr Cura Assanti is now pregant with her husband child. However, afte transferring to Starbase 118 again, she met up with Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, Chief of Security. After a mission that took Commander Zubowskivich to the future where he saw that Cura had his child, he looked at his new First Officer differntly. Lt. Fanel, who had also witnessed this future, tried to keep Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich from pursuing Lt. Cmdr Assnti-Stone. However, despite his effort, Lt. Cmdr Assanti and Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich ended up "together". Despite what others wish to think, Cura is fine with this. She realizes that what she's doing is wrong to others, but it feels right to her. Honestly, since she has not heard from John Stone, she believes the reports from Star Fleet Intellignece that list his as MIA are true. Perhaps, she will pursue divorce preceedings. After much thought and consideration, Cmdr Assanti decided to proceed with divorce preceedings. However, she did not forsee the upcoming problems with Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich. Not knowing of Tash's drug addictions and only knowing that something was wrong and that he refused to disclose to her, she ended their relationship soon after the mission to SQ313 and after the premature birth of her child.

Needless to say, all these incidents lumped over her shoulders, she was more than stressed. She had had a professional meeting set up with Lt. Sharee, but nothing etched in stone. Yet, she knew she had to talk about these things that bothered her.

As usual, she was unable to honor that tentative plan to meet with her trusted friend Lt. Sharee, the stations capable counselor. The reason being, was her re-assignment to the uSS Indria-A as the ships commanding officer.

The shakedown mission of the USS Indria took the crew across the Neutral Zone and back across to the Azure Nebula where they came face to face with the Darains, the people of the cloaked planet. Although they didn't get to the planet itself, they did attain information on the planetary cloak as well as the location of the cloaked planet. The Darains, who were quite pissed at being contacted when it had been communicated long ago that they didn't wish any contact due to their abilities of teleknesis. The Darians decided to evacuate and take the warning of the Indria crew to heart, that more curious people would come, seeking them out. Being highly advanced more than the Federation, the Darains could have destroyed the small Indria Nebula Class, but it was the experience of the ship's Captain in diplomatic situations that kept them from being killed. Cmdr Assanti was able to negotiate their safe passage. To date, it is unknown if the Darians are still in the Azure Nebula or if they uprooted themeselves and travelled to far off lands. However, during their visit to the large planet sized ship, the crew of the Indria were witnesses to their awesome technology, which far surpassed the Federations.

The Crew of the Indria returned to Starbase 118, picked up new crew and enjoyed a few days of rest while the ship repaired minor problems. Then they shoved off to their chosen place of R&R, which was Lt. Cmdr Fanel's home planet of Gaia. While there, Rear Admirall Rocar came with the USS Constitution and promoted Cmdr Cura Assanti to Captain after the awards ceremony.

So the crew of the Indria shed the Nebula class for the large, formidable Galaxy Class. For Captain Assanti, it is a home coming that completes a circle of service. However, this is just the beginning of a new chapter...

Due to an event involving an noncoporeal entity invading her mind and posessing her body, the result to purge the being that sent her into a coma. She is currently being taken care of at Starbase 118 until further notice.

Cura Assanti cameout of her coma on November 6 of the current Stardate. Despite some memory loss, she was otherwise found mentally stable. Upon her recovery she reported to Star Fleet what she had experienced while in her coma. The being that had invaded her mind was long gone but Cura spoke to some impending doom that threatened the Federation. She retreated to Betazed and found the ears of the prime minister, who was able to assist her to restore most o fher memory and piece together the mystery of the "Spriit Dweller Entity" that had warned her of what wars would soon come about. The Prime Ministere of Betazed donned her Ambassador of Betazed and charged her to get someone of the federation to listen to her story. The only person she knew that would or could listen would be her friend and mentor R. Admiral Rocar. She also knew him to be a very busy man and not prone to much nonsense b ut she would have to try.

Accompanied by Senator Dafazzi, her friend and confidant, Ashley her bodyguard and clone, and Marcus Mackentire she left Betazed for Starbase, hoping to find her friend R. Admiral Rocar running the starbase. Upon arrival, she found Captain Ventu was in charge but soon resigned. After many inquiries, Ambassador Assanti found that R. Admiral Rocar had taken command of Captain Taboo's vessel due to his disappearance. Concerned and charged with a mission to get Federation's aide, Ambassador Assanti set foth to locate the USS Eagle.

Shrouded in secrecy, the Ambassador docked and boarded the USS Eagle and awaits to speak with the Admiral in private.

While aboard the USS Eagle, Captain Assanti learned of her pregnancy. Due to the "Spirit Dweller Entity's" influences on the fetus, the child was born premature but fully developed with some "extraordinary mind powers. To keep her child safe, Cura refused to explain more about her daughter, which SFI and SF Command demanded to know. Due to not being willing to say more about her daughter or let SF test the child, She was striped or Captain's rank and because of her involvement with SFI matters concerning her previous command, she was demoted to the rank of Lt. Cmdr.

Seeing that her future under the command of Rear Admiral Rocar would not aide her, Cura transferred to the USS Ronin as Chief Science Officer. Her children and family unit would moved to DS17.


  • Full Name: Cura Assanti
  • Date of Birth: 236006.28
  • Place of Birth: Argelius II, Acura City
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T-4 E-6

See Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 5 feet 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Length of Hair: Long, straight and silky. Stop wearing the curls a long while ago.
  • Eye Color: One black and one blue (right is blue)
  • Skin Tone: Tanned
  • Birthmarks, Scars: How many? Where?
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: How many? Where? What do they look like?
  • Build: Medium build, slightly for her height.
  • Face: round, large features.
  • Eyes: Eyes set somewhat wide with dark eyebrows
  • Mouth: full lips.
  • Arms: slender and long
  • Legs: strong and long.
  • Carriage: Walks with srong, purposeful strides.
  • Poses: Paces when nervous with hands on hips.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): leather pants, black, dark attaire.
  • Shoes: Wears leather boots
  • Voice: When on duty, her voice is usually loud, authorative and stern. When off duty, her voice tends to be softer and full of compassion and emotion
  • Handedness: Right handed.


  • Quarters: Cura's quarters are finely decorated. As soon as one walks in, they are greeted with white beads hanging from the ceiling. A touch of Argelius II, Cura could not part with was the feel of the round, white beads sliding off her skin as a child when she'd enter a room. There are several sculpures placed in the sitting area. A water sculpture sitting on the coffee table. A large, white hammock, decorated with large, soft pillows sits in the corner of her sitting room. One wall of her sitting area is dedicated to all manner of technology. A large viewing screen, connected to the Starbases communications system, complete assess to all channels of programming. She also had a highly advanced sound system to play her authentic Argelian music. Her bathroom is full of white, terri-cloth towels, pink, fluffy throw rugs near the antique tub and full sonic shower. Her bedroom has a larger full size bed with her own pink comforters and egyptian sheets.
  • Favorite Room: Is anywhere she and Tash are in.
  • Mannerisms: Likes to nod to people when talking is inappropriate. Smiles a lot.
  • Physical Limitations:
  • Temperment: Somewhat level headed. However, has a temper if provoked, meaning if someone is yelling at her, she'll yell back usually. Yet, she can keep her cool often times
  • Habits: She has a habit of being too overbarring, checking up on her crew to the point of becoming a pest. Yet she tries to keep from doing it.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Believes in a higher power, the almighty God, one God that controls everything.


A fun-loving, warm person, who enjoys entertaining people. Her smiles are contagious and her laugh grows on you. She can be very diplomatic and proper and also very naughty and fun. She tends to be a "by the book" sort on duty, has a stern, voice that commands respect. When she is alone and with people she is comfortable with, she has a softer tone to her voice. She can be very emotional, sensual and passionate, but tends to hide these more personal qualities.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Fencing
    • Favorite sword - Sabre
  • Painting - Art
    • Has a collection of paintings in her possession. Very highly priced items

Likes and Dislikes


  • Music - loves all types of music. It makes her move and express herself.
  • Food/Wines - Mostly Argelian dishes but loves to try new tastes
  • Spending intimate moments with a lover.
  • Pillows and frills
  • Loves the smell of flowers


  • Criminals
  • Violence
  • Yelling
  • Curruption
  • Hatred
  • Evil

    • Item 1

Ambitions and Goals

Cmdr Cura Assanti came into Star Fleet as an Ensign and wanted nothing more than to serve the Federation and help out where she could. Yet, as time progressed and her career with it, she began setting her eyes on one day commanding her own ship. Yet, she knew she had a long road ahead of her. Despite some set backs, she found a home under Captain Phoenix on the USS Victory, who opened her arms and accepted Cura into the crew of the Victory. And the Victory became her home away from home over time. On several occassions, she stepped into the role of command for her friend Paul Diamond and Captain Phoenix and learned how to take on such responsibilties from them. They were GREAT mentors and teachers with wise lessons. Then, as well, under Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh, she further developed her leadership skills and is still learning from him. For Cura, it is always a work in progress, learning to command. One never stops learning, is what she thinks.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

Cura's first personal achievement was graduating from Star Fleet Academy. This, of course, was something she had wanted to accomplish and having done it, she was very proud of herself and happy to be part of Star Fleet. Her enthusism was evident in her eagereness as a young ensign.

Her next achievement was passing her "test" to become a Lt. Cmdr. This invovled her leading an away mission that took her to the deep regions of Cardassian space. This mission, although marking her achievement at becoming a Lt. Cmdr, had also marked a dark time in her life. During this mission, s he had been kidnapped, beaten and raped by a Mirror Universe Klingon named Keth. Saved by Paul Diamond, her friend, she was rescued and brought to safety. Bringing her out of her darkened state, a Cardassian child, a refugee, caught her attention, brought smiles back to her face. She adopted the child and hired a nanny to watch over the babe. Cura had learned on this mission to turn away from hatred and see deeper into a people she hardly knew...the Cardassians. So it was a very important mission where she had learned many things.

Her next achievement was of course becoming a Commander. This too invovled her leading a mission to Esogonut and involved her commanding the crew as a First Officer. Having taken her tests and passing them, she had moved up, not by her own accord, but by the recommendations of her superiors and peers. She was very thankful and appreciative for this opportunity and doesn't look on it lightly. She still has a lot to learn and will continue to do so under the fine tutalige of Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh, a man she has grown to respect since she knew him as her First Officer on the USS Constitution.


Introductory information about family.


  • Marital Status: Divorced
    • Spouse: Married to John E. Stone, once Commander in Star Fleet. Is listed as MIA in SFI records. Any history of his mission have been eraced. He was genetically altered for the mission and has not been changed back to his original state of being. So, he now looks Bajoran instead of Terran.
    • Place of Marriage: Stone Castle in Europe, Earth

Cura met John Stone when she was stationed aboard the USS Constitution, under Fleet Captain Xan Hebron. John Stone was the Chief of Security then. As an Ensign, Cura befriended John Stone early on, meeting him in a holodeck on Starbase 118. She had been running one of her fencing programs when he came into the holodeck to find her fencing. The pair has spent time fencing in the holodeck that day. Then, unbeknown to the rest of the crew, Cura and John planned to meet after an awards ceremony. Yet before this meeting, Cura was ordered to report to a holodeck where she had to undergo 'initition' into the crew by her superior officers, then Lt. Cmdr Sheridean and Lt. Piet Maximoff. They made her sit in a dunk tank where they proceeded to throw soft balls at a target. She was "dunked" into icy cold water in her dress whites. However, John E. Stone, came to her rescue, saving her from the dunk tank, pulling her out of it and carrying her all the way to her quarters dripping wet. From then on, Cura and John became closer friends. John Stone sort of took Cura under his wing and "mentored" her. Swiftly, she rose up the ranks. Then, at the end of the mission to Brikar, John Stone proposed to Cura when the sun rose over the hill tops. Cura, of course accepted his proposal and the pair was wedded on Earth at the Stone Castle in Europe. All their friends were in attendance. Soon after their marriage, they went on a mission to Kepos Prime, a planet they had visited long ago when Cura was just and Ensign. They were to investigate the Borg technology left behind. During this mission, Cura was assimilated and de-assimilated by then Dr. Gabriel, an expert in nano-technology. Since the drone that assimilated Cura was not a fully connected Borg drone, her life was spared. However, in the process of all this, her DNA problem which shortened the Argelian life span was corrected by the nanites. During this time, John Stone was called away on a SFI mission, one that would separate the newly weds forever...


Currently, Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone is pregnant with John Stone's child. They had mysteriously met on DS9 while she was stationed on the USS Victory. John Stone had been undercover at the time and had slipped a note for her to meet him in a holodeck, where the couple had spent the evening together. Not to soon later, Cura was pregnant and John Stone had gone MIA according to SFI.

Cmdr Cura Assanti gave birth to John Jr. prematurely due to being captured and tortured during the last mission to SQ313. However, John Jr pulled through will treatments from Dr. Jarak Krescha and Dr. Julia Harden. Most recently, John Jr. was released to his mother's care.

There is the adopted son, named Mulan, a Cardassian male, age 5 at the moment.


Father: Tye Res Assanti, Head of the 3rd House of Betazed - Assanti Clan. Born 233004.03. No affiliation with Star Fleet whatsoever. Is a strong Betazed Patriot and detests Star Fleet. Hhowever, after Cura joined Star Fleet against his wishes, he later came to Starbase 118 with Cura's intended male suitor,then Prince Kile Attrelli. Prince Attrelli had seen Cura only once before on Betazed where he had "taken" liberties that were against the pre-arranged marriage agreement between the Attrelli Clan and the Assanti-Clan. Apparently, by direction of Cura's brother Kole, she had entered Star Fleet to get away from Prince Attreli's advances. When the USS Constitution came in for leave, the entire story of this pre arrangeed marriage came to a head. This all came out in one of the starbases establishments, The Sawlty Dawg. Here again, Then Lt. Cmdr John Stone came to Cura's rescue against the Prince, who tried to force Cura to agree to the pre arranged marriage. John Stone stood up for Cura's honor and fought for her right to choose. The Incident ended rather violently, with John Stone getting shot and Prince Attrelli leaving without his bride, a rather embarrasing moment for the Attrelli's and the Assanti's.

Mother: Zoe Sakara, daughter of Prime Minister Sakara of Argellius II. Born 233505.10 in Acura City. Has one sister named Zelda, who is her senior and heir to the leadership of Argellius II. Zoe was deeply involved with the politics within Argellius II. This is how she met Tye Res Assanti who came as a diplomat to Argelius II and tried to talk of trading goods and services between the two worlds. During these "conversations" Tye Res Assanti set his eyes on the youngest daughter of Prime Minister Sakara...Zoe. The relationship blossemed and Tye Res Assanti soon found himself deeply in love with the tropical goddess, Zoe. He was also charmed by her intellect and sophistication. Soon, they were wed, married on Argelius II. For a certain amount of time, they stayed on Argelius II. Then,they moved after their two children were born to Betazed. deceased


Siblings: Kole Sakara D'Nassi Assanti, Heir to the Assanti Clan. Trained in the Betazed Militia and seeks to be leader of Betazed someday. Born 236006.28.12:00

Kole and Cura are very close as brother and sister and as twins. They do have a deep connection between them, but seldom refer to the other. Usually, in quiet times, they will think of the other and have this "knowing" feeling about the other twin, simply by thinking about them.

At present, Kole is acting King of Argelius II, a position that he knows is just a name, without much power. He only performs this duty in Cura's stead, as she serves in Star Fleet and cannot serve as Queen. Yet, he keeps her posted on most goings on on the planet of Argelius II.

Besides this, he has his own endeavors...

Personal History

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  1. 232001.01: Event.
  2. 232001.02: Event, etc.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy:
  • Current Rank: Captain (retired)
  • Last Assignment: USS Constitution-B
  • Duty Post: Inactive

Awards & Commendations

  • The Nebula Bar 2004
  • The Shethed Sword 2005
  • The B-plot Award 2006
  • The Strange Madallion 2007
  • The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement II: 2007.

StarFleet Assessments and Records

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