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Character Information

  • Full Name: Connikatrenti
  • Race: Vulcan
  • DoB: 231011.02
  • Age: 80
  • Gender: Male


  • Father: T'Remberale
  • Mother: Seranstivien
  • Siblings: No Known Siblings
  • Spouse: T'Luminareth
  • Children: None


  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 230
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Clear Blue/Grey
  • Skin: Olive
  • Build: Tall and Skinny

Professional History:

Accepted into Vulcan Science Academy Stardate 23208.15. Joined Star Fleet Academy Stardate 23609.13 after failing first 2 preliminary examinations, took core subjects as well as full tactical and science courses. Tactical simulations show gift for using science to develop tactical solutions. Relatively shy, prefers to take orders rather than to give, however, if the situation demands it, is prepared to give.