Cleanliness Protocol (USS Eagle)

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The USS Eagle responds to a distress signal from an alien freighter carrying passengers.

Important Characters

  • Jalec Zinn - Captain of the freighter
  • Lot Erran - Magistrate of The People
  • Yara Fennet - The People’s Minister of Health

Plot Summary

Part 1

Responding to a distress call, The Eagle meets Jalec Zinn, captain of a freighter carrying passengers. Zinn is a member of a culture known simply as The People. The Eagle receives passengers who were injured when the ship was badly damaged as the freighter journeyed through an asteroid field. A repair team led by Lt. Blackwell and Cmdr. Pavlova beamed to the freighter to help with repairs, but shortly after the team’s arrival on the freighter, a cascade failure caused an explosion that pushed the ship over the edge. The away team, along with the remaining crew of the freighter were beamed aboard the Eagle before the freighter exploded completely. Shortly after the freighter exploded, all of the people who had originally been aboard the freighter along with Commander Oddas, Ensign Waters were whisked away by a transporter beam.