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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code CPLN
Federation Status Allied
Planet of Origin Capella IV
Encountered Although it's technology is approximate to the Terran dark ages, their society is somewhat more advanced and it was decided to contact them despite some idiosyncrasies in 2266. (TOS: Friday's Child)
Current Tech Level B
List of Named Capellans

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Primitve humanoids, Capellan society values combat above love and sees no value in medicine. To them, the weak are meant to die. Their world is rich in rare mineral compounds such as Topaline, which gives them a significant economic advantage in their integration to the modern society.

Their society is based on tribal leadership and strong codes of war. Led by a high male teer, their customs and traditions forbid shows of cowardice, and even forbid strangers to touch the wife of the high teer. This species tends toward resolving conflicts with their blades rather than with their words.