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Full Name: Garret Elias Faulkner Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth:236910.31 Age is 24 Place of Birth: Asteroid Mining Colony Gallantine Home planet: None really, wherever he can put his head down at night.


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 157Lbs

Build: Athletic

Hair Color: Black

Length of Hair: Short military style, though occasionally he will let it get a bit longer

Eye Color: Green

Skin Tone: Pale or Tanned depending on area of operations

Distinguishing Features: Dueling scar on his right eye the goes from brow to cheek

Taste in Clothing (when on duty): Marine Combat fatigues primarily

Taste in Clothing (when off duty): .........See Above (Garret Dislikes social interaction)

Handedness: Right for writing but mostly ambidextrous


Likes: Adrenalin Rushes, Combat, Engineering, Martial Arts, Old Movies and Music (Not that he'd admit it)

Dislikes: Heroes,Disrespecting Authority,

Strengths: Extensive Combat Training, Varied Skill Set, Natural Talent for Leadership, Lucky

Weaknesses: Tends to act narrow minded within rules set by Starfleet and dislikes moving outside them

Ambition(s): To Serve the Starfleet Marine Corps to the best of his ability