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Bukva is a farming colony in Kalandra sector on a supply line between Vulcan and Betazed. First few decades’ people lived on a planet, but its long days and nights had a bad influence on health and lifespan. So since colony was flourishing, soon they bought a space station both for living and as trade depot.

All mayor colonist families are from Lika, space on Earth by the Mediterranean Sea.

Religion they brought along is Christianity which without a church and priests grew on Bukva into a strict following of Ten Commandments, with only 2 mayor Holidays celebrated (Christmas and Easter).

Planet is mostly landmass, with only 3 bigger water spaces all located near equator, but whole planet is spotty with big rivers, which are irrigating vast of still mostly unexplored forests of trees resembling earth beech, what is also colony’s name in settler’s native tongue – bukva!

Twelve families are speckled quite far from each other, while in a main settlement – the first one found now exist only a Stock market, actually only it’s vast number of cool stores and repositories of all kinds, General Hospital, and Veterinary Clinic; and live current official representative, every 4 years appointed by another house.

Main product of colony is food in all its instances...

Notable residents