Blackwell Crew Quarters

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Executive Quarters

The Captain and Executive Officer of the vessel both have special quarters, located on Deck 4, sphere section.

These quarters are much more luxurious than any others on the ship, with the exception of the VIP/Diplomatic Guest quarters. Both the Executive Officer's and the Captain's quarters are larger than standard Officers Quarters, and this space generally has the following accommodations: a bedroom (with a nice, fluffy bed), living/work area, bathroom, food replicator, ultrasonic shower, old-fashioned water shower, personal holographic viewer, provisions for pets, and even a null-grav sleeping chamber. These quarters are similar in "comfort" to those of a high-ranking officer's quarters on a Galaxy Class starship.


Officers' Quarters

Starfleet personnel from the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade up to Commander are given one set of quarters to themselves. In addition, department heads and their assistants are granted such privileges as well, in an effort to provide a private environment to perform off-duty work. After six months, officers are permitted to bring family aboard the ship and a slightly larger room is allocated to them. Members of the Captain's Senior Staff can have these restrictions waved with the Captain's permission.

Sr47 room.jpg

Junior Officers' Quarters

A shared quarters comprised of a communal living room, replicator, work space and two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Ensigns and senior enlisted personnel are assigned these quarters.


Crew Quarters

Standard Living Quarters are provided for both Starfleet enlisted personnel. These persons are expected to share their room with another crewmate due to space restrictions aboard the starship. After six months, crewmembers are permitted to bring family aboard the ship and a slightly larger room is allocated to them.

Crew assigned to these quarters share a room with one other crewmember. Two bedrooms with bunk beds in each are connected by a shared living/working area. They also share a washroom, which is located off each bedroom. The living area has a food replicator and a dining area as well as comfortable seating and a viewscreen which can be used for entertainment. If all crewmen sharing a suite are in agreement they may apply for permission to keep a small pet, with shared responsibility to care for it. Defiant quarters.jpg

VIP/Diplomatic Guest Quarters

The Olympic Class is intended for medical missions and exploration and it has been recognized that there may be a need to provide temporary accommodation for VIPs. These quarters are located on deck 10 . They include a bedroom, spacious living/work area, personal viewscreen, ultrasonic shower, bathtub/water shower, provisions for pets and food replicator. They can be immediately converted to class H, K, L, N, and N2 environments. While not as large or prestigious as facilities aboard a Galaxy Class for example, they are still superior in fit and finish when compared to Starfleet Officer quarters.