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USS Veritas
Barbie Cedar.png
Barbie "Babs" Cedar
Position Civilian Child
Rank Civilian
Species Argelian
Gender Female
DOB 238404.05
Age 15
Birthplace Argelius II

“"That girl is a bad seed." - Mrs.Honston, Saladan Orphanage Caretaker.”

Babs Cedar is a troubled young girl with a love of Basketball that was raised on the streets of Gridir.


  • Full Name: Barbie Cedar
    • Nicknames: Babs
  • Date of Birth: 238404.05
  • Species: Argelian
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Naturally Strawberry Blonde
    • Color Choice: She paid for perminant hair color change to pink and hotpink when she was ten.
  • Eye Color: Emerald Green

Personal History

Barbie 'Babs' and her family moved to the colony world Gridir when she was three years old. Her parents were on a self-imposed mission to bring peace to Gridir, a world plagued with crime and violence. When Babs was five years old her parents were assassinated at a peace rally leaving her orphaned and on the streets. Even the wealthy districts of Gridir were hostile places to live and resources for orphans were near non-existent. With no attempts made to contact next of kin, Babs was placed in an orphanage on the outskirts of one of the poorest districts. This orphanage did not tend to the learning of the children and only provided a place to sleep and two meals a day. Babs was very polite, shy, and meek. However, to avoid starving and being bullied, she learned to be aggressive and mean. Soon she had gained a rough and tumble reputation and was known to be short-tempered and cynical with most people including her friends. In the slums of Gridir she became known as the 'Bad Seed' which was a play on her nickname 'Babs' and her last name. By the time Babs had turned ten the possible chance of having a decent time around her was when she was playing Basketball, any other time she was often hostile and rude.

Babs ran away from the orphanage and joined a ship claiming to be a delivery vessel. It turned out the ship was owned by criminals who traded drugs and slaves. She found her self on year-long journey with the criminals before escaping at a slave auction on a small asteroid base. There she met a man who promised to take her to a decent colony world but instead tried to keep her as his personal pet. Babs learned what she was capable of when she attempted to free her self from captivity, having killed her holder and then stolen his sip in the process. With no way to pilot the vessel however she ended up adrift.


Babs often turns to bully others and pushes those who try to get close away as a means of defending herself from pain and ridicule. She has the capacity for great kindness but her rough early years have blocked her from expressing her softer emotions. She is rude and abrasive with adults and authority. Her life's struggles have hardened her and turned her into someone who listens to her instincts and acts in the interest of her own desires and survival only.