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Ensign Azena Xen was born on Earth to her mother Arena White Feathers, a half Klingon, American Indian and her clueless father, Sergio Xen. Her father and mother met when they were involved with the MaQui and were ship mates aboard the Falcon Raider, a cargo ship commanded by a Bajoran Captaian named Reese. When Arena became pregnant, she left the ship to have the baby, not telling anything to her lover, Xen. Azena was raised by her mothers family, taught by the women of the tribal community and raised to know of her Klingon heritage. Her grand father, Gor'tak often took her to Qo'nos so she could be familiar of her people. She spent 3 years on Qo'nos during grade school and was taught by her grandfather and her mother how to fight. Gor'tak gave her is Bek'leth when she had proven she could wield it. Then her mother died suddenly, leaving her to fend for herself. Despite her mother wishes, Azena went to seek out her father on DS9. She found him by the man holo images she had of him and what her mother told her about him. It didn't take long ot find him in one of the taverns on DS9. When they first me, he had thought she was one of her mother's sisters, but Azena pulled him aside and told him who she actually was. Xen was livid that her mother had kept her from him, but he was glad she had come to seek him out. He had said it spoke well of her. She entered the Academy while living with her father, who did not like the idea of her going into star fleet. Then there was a raid on DS9 by the MaQui and Xen was fatally injured. Yet, his simbiant was alive. Since Azena was the only unjoined Trill on the station, she took the simbiant of her father and became Azena Xen White Feathers. Not long after the joining, she received her commission to join the USS Constitution.


   * Full Name:Azena Xen White Feathers
   * Race:American Indiea/Klingon, Bajoran Joined Trill 
   * Date of Birth:
   * Place of Birth:Earth
   * Age:22
   * Gender:Female
   * Telepathic status: See Telepathic/Empathic Scale N/A


   * Height: 5ft. 7inches
   * Weight: 120
   * Hair Color:Brown
   * Length of Hair:shoulders
   * Eye Color:Green
   * Skin Tone:tanned
   * Birthmarks,scars - none
   * Build: muscular
   * Face:Ovsl
   * Eyes:big
   * Mouth:small
   * Arms:
   * Legs:
   * Carriage:
   * Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head):
   * Taste in Clothing (when off duty):
   * Shoes:
   * Voice:
   * Handedness: 


   * Quarters:
   * Favorite Room:
   * Habits:
   * Mannerisms:
   * Religion/Spiritual Devotion:
   * Hobbies and Pastimes:
   * Likes:
   * Dislikes:
   * Ambitions and Goals:
   * Achievements in Life:
   * Disappointments in Life:
   * Temperment:
   * Mental problems (complexes and phobias):
   * Physical Limitations: 


   * Marital Status:
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   * Children:
   * Parents
         o Father:
         o Mother: 
   * Siblings: 

Personal History

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Professional History

   * Date Graduated from Academy:
   * Current Rank:
   * Current Assignment: Vessel/base/etc.
   * Duty Post: 

Awards & Commendations

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