Aslah Igre

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Meassi Igre
Position Retired
Rank Blank
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 230411.27
Age 91
Birthplace Betazed

Ashlah Igre is a retired Betazoid anthropologist (and occasional martial arts instructor in keeping with family tradition), the husband of Meassi Igre, and the maternal grandfather of Aitas. He is a thoughtful, gentle sort, though he's become a bit more prone to concern after the Dominion War, something most prominently displayed during a previous bout of Zanthi Fever.



Meassi Igre

Meassi Igre is a retired Betazoid martial arts instructor and the current head of the Igre Family. While there have been some tensions between her and Ashlah over the years, their relationship is a loving, respectful one that has made both of them quite happy.

Jissela Igre.png

Jissela Igre

Jissela was a Betazoid martial arts instructor, specializing in the fighting style of Tassa’Akai. Ashlah spent years trying to meditate the fallout between Jissela and his wife over Sakon, though Meassi eventually came to terms with her daughter's choice. Jissela rarely traveled and was killed on Betazed during the Dominion attack on the planet in 2374.



A Vulcan Xenobiologist with a particular interest in large predators. He met Jissela while studying the creatures of Betazed's jungles. The two were married in 2360, and their only child, Aitas, was born in 2366.



A Starfleet Intelligence officer currently serving aboard Starbase 118 Ops. While Ashlah does share his wife's wish his granddaughter would show more interest in her role as family heir, he is still quite proud of Aitas, and the two are relatively close.