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Four Letter Code ANJU
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Anjur
Encountered TOS episode: The Empath
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level D+
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The Anjurwan are a species of humanoids who appear to be humans but with extremely sensitive empathic abilities. Since every member of their species is mute there emphatic abilities allow them to communicate basic ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Old Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Miletos Sector (coordinates A27-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Minara system
  • Star: Star went supernova in 2268 (Presumed A class star)

New Home System

  • Quadrant: Delta
  • Location: Unknown
  • Proper Name: Unknown
  • Star: Unknown
  • Distance from Star: Unknown
  • Companions: Unknown
  • Moons: Unknown

Original Home World

  • Proper Name: Anjur
  • Their home planet was completely destroyed when their sun went supernova in 2268.

New Home World

  • Proper Name: Unknown
  • Diameter: Unknown
  • Gravity: Unknown
  • Axial Tilt: Unknown
  • Orbital Period: Unknown
  • Rotational Period: Unknown
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: Unknown
    • Atmosphere: Unknown
    • Climate: Unknown
    • Terrain: Unknown
    • Population: Just over 5 million


The Anjurwan live on the 4th planet in the Minarian star system. However most experts seem to agree that considering all of the similarities between them and the Minaran who live on the 2nd planet that they are most likely the same species. What is a mystery is how the two groups ended up on different worlds but when you factor in the presence of the Vians in the system they would seem to be the logical cause.

In 2268 the Federation starship USS Enterprise entered the system to evacuate a scientific outpost studying the Minara’s sun which seemed on the verge of exploding into a supernova. An Enterprise landing party discovered the outpost abandoned.

Unknown to anyone the reclusive and secretive Vians who also lived in this system had determined that the sun would soon be destroyed.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the Vians captured Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and Doctor McCoy and subjected them to tests as part of a bizarre plan to provoke an instinct for self-sacrifice in Gem, a member of the Minaran species.

In testing the Minaran and the Anjurwan, the Vians had decided to only save them from the supernova blast if the species demonstrated its worth. Indeed, there were others in the system that they would not be able to save based on their decision.

The Vians were eventually persuaded to release the Enterprise captives after being convinced that the Starfleet crew did not deserve to be sacrificed because they, too, possesses a strong benevolent sense of self-sacrifice.

The Minaran and the Anjurwan were saved and transported to a far corner of the galaxy by the Vians. Since then the USS Voyager encountered a number of Anjurwan living among the Vashnar in the Delta Quadrant.


Based on the records obtained from the various species that visited their world the Anjurwan lived near the equator in the only habitable zone and had a number of small communities interconnected by a complex road system to a central city. While contact between them and other species was extremely limited it is believed that they had a central unified government.


They appear to be normal humanoids with many of the differences in height, weight and appearance that can be found among humans who they resemble. Unlike humans however they are all Caucasians.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

They were mute; however, the lack of vocal cords was not a disability, but was physiologically normal for their race. They were not only able to sense the emotions of others, as Betazoids could, but appeared to have an innate desire to help others. It is still a mystery of exactly how do the empathic Anjurwan communicated with each other but with members of other species they were able to use there emphatic abilities to allow them to communicate basic ideas, thoughts and feelings.

ESP Ability

Not only did they possess a highly developed form of empathic ability but they also possessed the ability to absorb pain from another person and to heal injuries. When they absorbed the injury from another individual an identical wound would then appeared on the Anjurwan, and they were able to dissipate the absorbed injuries throughout their own body.


On average they were seen to be peaceful, relaxed, happy, hardworking people. No records have been found from any source that does not support these conclusions.

Just like the Minarans some of the Anjurwan were capable of adapting after contact with other species; if exposed to passion and bravery, they would become passionate and brave. If exposed to cowardice and treachery then they would mirror those character traits as well. It is unknown if this was a universal aspect of their unique psychology or merely restricted to a portion of the population.


There does not seem to be any form of religion among the Anjurwan. Unlike the Minarans who have a shrine, temple in the center of every community they did not. Also there does not seem to be any records of data available from any source that contains any mention of anything that might be considered relevant to this subject.


Due to the fact that all of the Anjurwan are mute it seems that at no time did any of the visitors to their world enquire into this aspect of their culture. As a result there are no records available at this time.


Their communities were spacious, clean, simple with ample infrastructure, amenities and recreational facilities for all. They did not need any police as crime was unheard of and people helped each other whenever they needed it.


Unlike the Minarans, the Anjurwan seemed to enjoy soft, rhythmic music that seemed to mirror the sounds of nature around them. They also enjoyed many of the visual arts such as paintings, statues and mosaic floors.


Due to the fact that all of the Anjurwan are mute it seems that at no time did any of the visitors to their world enquire into this aspect of their culture. As a result there are no records available at this time.


Prior to the destruction of their homeworld by a supernova in 2268 they were a simple agrarian people who had learned to master a number of different methods by which they could produce electricity for their own use. However unlike the Minarans they had a complex system that assured that every community had a steady supply of power.


The Anjurwan were a unified people. They had a vast network of roads connecting all of their communities and trade was conducted between all of them. However due to their limited ability to produce excess trade goods they never established any trade with any other species.

Since the destruction of their original home world no data is available in regards to their current economic situation.


They have no military and as best can be determined from the few available records never have had one.

Federation Intelligence Files

Anjurwan are empaths, and some are able to absorb emotional and physical reactions of others, enabling them to heal injuries. Anjurwan also lack vocal cords, rendering them mute.

The Anjurwan were rescued from the Minara system by the Vians when their star went nova. From the Minara system, at least some Anjurwan were transported to the Delta Quadrant, and the homeworld of the Vashnar. The Vashnar took them into their society, where they served as healers.

Pearl was the nickname given to the Anjurwan healer treated by The Doctor aboard USS Voyager in 2374. The name was given by a holographic recreation of Dr. Leonard McCoy with whom The Doctor consulted. The name was a reference to another empathic healer, Gem, whom Montgomery Scotty had described as "a pearl of great price".

Pearl was regarded as one of the most skilled healers among the Anjurwan. She healed Captain Kathryn Janeway when she suffered an allergic reaction during a diplomatic dinner hosted by Vashnar First Counselor Aken. Later the same day, she was called upon to heal an injured Vashnar, overtaxing her empathic abilities and bringing her near death. The Doctor insisted on treating her in Voyager's sickbay, but her physiology resisted all standards treatments. She was finally able to recover through physical contact with the now-uninjured Janeway.


Both Memory Alpha and Memory Beta were used as references as well as the TV episode TOS episode: The Empath.

The following written article was also used, VOY - Strange New Worlds II short story: The Healing Arts.

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