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((Apollo - Sick Bay, Surgery Room))

Jalana saw that the two nurses appointed to it already took care of Williams, bringing him into the surgery designated area inside the quarantine field. With a short nod to her team and a short glimpse over the away team she tried to push her worried thoughts away. Wondering what happened to the rest would not help her or Williams. Focus was needed to help him the best she could.::
Stepping into the surgery area she slipped into her scrubs, put on the mask and the hat to cover her hair, stuffing it all into the little room the hat left as if she was trying to stuff a turkey. One of the nurses helped her with her gloves.::

Laxyn: Computer errect personal quarantine shields around me, Nurse Zandra and Nurse P'tral.

The slight buzzing sound appeared briefly, embracing the three women with the requested field, so they could step through the outer quarantine field to Williams on the operating table. The Trill looked to the two women, one on the other side and one next to her and exchanged short nods to make sure everyone was ready.::
It was not easy. To perform proper surgery Jalana had to focus on her patient and her task. But knowing what was waiting outside did not make it easy. They had injuries, infections with some unknown something, the teams had been gassed with something, and not enough that it were her crew mates those she had to take care for... one of them was Viktor, the man she loved. She knew he was unconscious, but not in which condition he was, what it was that hit him down there. It worried her but she had to focus on the man on her operating table. ::
Alan Williams, a young healthy human man, if it was not for his heart condition. Blonde hair, blue eyes, just the image that people would imagine when they heard that someone came from Florida. He fitted right in there. From the moment he had been in his examination when Alan came aboard she had known of his heart condition, a Ventricular septal defect as they specified after a few tests. She wanted him to either get it medicated or an operation, and he had not gotten the chance to let her in on his decision.::
Possibly Jalana should have not let him go on with his job, but it was under control, how should she have known that he would collapse in an away mission. Maybe she should have known, but she didn't. But now he was down on this table. Unconscious, his face without color, waiting for Jalana to help him. And she had to push everything going on out there out of her head, to do the best she could for him.::

Laxyn: ::tilting her hand to the side:: Laser scalpel.

Getting the reqested tool from P'tral she set it onto the man's chest and started to open his chest. There were less messy ways to do this, but they did not have the time for it. They needed to hurry and be careful.::

Zandra: Blood pressure nominal, pulse 75 BPM. O2 Sat at 96.

Laxyn: BPM is too high, raise the Ambrazine slightly.

Zandra: Aye.

Laxyn: Keep an eye on his Saturation, his condition causes blood to enter the lungs, we need to keep him in normal range.

Zandra: Acknowledged.

Jalana was not a heart surgeon, sure she had done a lot of surgeries and she had prepared herself in case that Williams wanted the surgery. It was not hard to find the culprit, to see what she would have to do. But still it would have been better to have an expert at her side. But they had one... ::

Laxyn: P'Tral, see how Sun is doing, we might need her.

The Vulcan Nurse did not even take the time to nod, logic dictated that it was better to just check on the other doctor and save every second they had. She entered the other room, searched the area with her eyes, but after seeing Faranster sitting on the ground, with an even paler face than usual and closed eyes, she already knew that the woman would not be much of a help right now. Just as quick she headed back to Laxyn's side.::

P'Tral: Doctor Faranster is in no condition to operate.

That was what Jalana was worried about. She would have to do this without help, she had done operations before, this would be alright. She would do all the could and hope it would be enough. She nodded just slightly so the Vulcan knew she had been understood. Meanwhie Zandra had attached the clamps to Williams chest, to hold it open and she could see the free flowing blood inside. Not a good sign. It meant that the hole had grown, maybe because of too much pressure on the heart. ::

Laxyn: Sucture.

While the nurse pumped the blood away Jalana finally got a better view on Alan's organs. She needed to find this hole to close it, but it was not that easy as she thought. Usually the hole was only in the wall beteween the sides of the heart, inside of it. But since blood had entered the chest it must have grown over the edge of that wall. It could be tiny and going on for a while or it could be bigger. She hoped for the last that would mean they could find it easier if they were lucky.::
Carefully she touched the heart with a finger, slid with ever so slight pressure on it to either see or feel the hole, if some blood spilled out she would see it easier. She knew that Zandra checked it as well from the other side, having another angle was always helpful.::

Laxyn: Do you see anything?

Zandra: Nothing of note.

Laxyn: ::Sighing:: Yeah me neither. We need to check the backside. Get the cam.

Zandra: Right away.

Jalana held the suction tube and was pretty sure that they would find what they were looking for in the back, by the way the blood come back into the chest room without them seeing any wounds from where they looked at. When Zandra came back the small tube with the cam was lowered into the chest and Jalana raised her eyes to the screen, seeing the puddles of blood that seemd to billow everytime the heart beat. Slowly Zandra lowered it to the back of the heart, while the Trill watched closely for anything that would help them, as suddeny the whole room was filled with deafening siren sound and dunked in red lights.::

Jalana: ::looking around she mumbled:: What the... :: Raising her voice to a shout to trump the claxon. :: Computer, shut it! Turn the darn alarm off, I'm trying to work here!

P'Tral raised her eyebrow at the little outburst of the CMO and was quite sure that the other patients would have heard that outside, but kept her eyes on the happenings, when the sound shut down and the lights went back to normal. When Laxyn's arm moved slightly she reached forward holding the suction tool, so the Trill had her hands free again.::

Zandra: There it is

Laxyn: ::Turning back to the screen:: Where?

Zandra: Right below the inferior vena cava.

Relief washed through Jalana when she saw the hole, it was bigger than expected but not as big as she had feared, with every pumping of the heart a new wave of blood spluttered out. Laxyn held her hand out::

Laxyn: Micro Regenerator.

The device was handed over by the other nursing officer and Lieutenant Laxyn went to work on patching the defect. Brooke watched as his vitals changed as the small defect was plugged. There was a small increase in blood pressure, which was to be expected as the defect was closed. But that wasn't the only problem. An alarm began sounding from the monitoring station.::

Laxyn: Report.

Zandra: O2 sat is dropping, 85%, pulse is spiking. 91 bpm. he's bordering on thachycardia.

Laxyn: ::Trying to keep her hand steady to fix the hole completely.:: How is the medication? Sounds like his Tri-Ox is going down.

Jalana noticed that Brooke looked at them, but then grabbed a hypospray, a good sign that the leves were okay but he still did not get enough, so the woman injected another emergency dosis. The beeping changed, something else went wrong.

Zandra: Pulese 101, he's in tachycardia.

Laxyn: ::Without thinking much, she pulled out the cam and the suction tube.:: Adenosine

She saw the other woman work as fast as she could, while P'Tral took the equipment from Jalana. Her eyes were glued to the monitor as her brows wrinkled at the annoying and dangerous sound of the fast heartbeat.::

Zandra: No effect.

Jalana spit out a Trill curse, when the alarm changed and spiked, it beeped louder and shriller, while the Trill tried to remain calm, which was not easy in this situation. .oOThink.. come on think Oo.::

Zandra: Heart beat is becomming irregular, he's going into V-fib

Laxyn: ::Cursing some more:: Defibrillator!

Everything went so fast, the Vulcan and Zandra worked together bringing the small unit to the table and just a glimpse later one of them put the long handles with the small paddles at the end into Jalana's hand. She lowerd them into the chest room, placing the paddles on the sides of the heart.::

Laxyn: Two hundred. :: She heard the sound, that showed that it was ready:: Clear.

Pushing the release buttons the charge jumped into the heart, she looked up to the monitor, hoping for a chance that didn't come.::

Laxyn: Two fifty. ::Again she waited for the sound, trying again.:: Clear!

As she pushed the buttons another charge tried to help out the man's heart but the beeping persisted, annoyingly in her ears, ringing and causing headaches.::

Laxyn: Three hundred. :: Mumbling to Alan:: Come on, you can't do this to us. ::Hearing the Go-sound she pushed the buttons again, her eyes back at the monitor. She knew that the other women said something, giving her reports but it was somewhere in the background behind the feeping shriek of the one thing in the room she wanted to shut up.:: Three fifty.

She saw the movement behind the biobed knowing they followed the order, but her eyes stayed on Alan. This was just not possible, this could not happen. She really needed a miracle now, he was too young.::

Laxyn: ::bending closer to his face.:: You listen to me Lieutenant, you have job to do. You will stop this nonsense right now. That is an order! ::Putting her fingers on the buttons she straightend up again.:: Clear!

She pushed again, raised the emerald green eyes to the screen, the beeping filed the Trill with desperation and silent prayers to all the entities, whos names she could remember.::
Beep .... beep... beep..:::
The sudden change almost felt unreal. Suddenly the heart began to make its wonderful little dance of bumps and pauses, the right rhythm to dance a lighthearted waltz. It took a moment before the realisation hit the Trill and the tension dropped from her like a rock from a stone wall, crushing into pieces on the ground. She did not realize that her hands were shaking until she felt to others taking the paddles from her.::
Jalana's shoulders slumped, as she raised one hand to cover her eyes, which burnt with tears of relief. .oO Don't get too attached to your patients, you won't be able to work with a clear mind. Oo. The voice of her teacher washed through the Trill's mind and while she knew what they meant she didn't care. She could never be so detached. And because of that her body refused to move a single inch, trying to grasp that they made it and he was still alive.::
She heard the other women work and lowered her hand again, taking a deep shuddering breath. Her eyes laid on Alan, who finally seemed to be stable. The hole in the wall of his heart was still there, but not outside again. She did not have the Equipment here to fix his condition, so she would have to make a decision. Maybe she should talk with Sun, since she had more experience in this field. But for now Williams was stable, that was the most important part.::

Laxyn: Good work, both of you. :: Her voice sounded weak and she had the deperate need to sit down and leand into Viktor's chest. Viktor. Was he conscious by now? Was he doing better? The burning in her eyes started again and before she would lose herself completely she cleared her throat.:: Brooke, can you close him and bring him into an isolation room?

She knew that the Nurse studied to become a doctor and she was doing really well, taking on more than other nurses to help with that, so Jalana trusted that she would be able to do that. Without waiting for an answer she turned around and left the surgery room::
Outside she leaned into the next wall she could find, her back on the hard material, as she pulled away the hat and mask and sank down onto the ground. Pulling her legs close she dropped her head on her knees and let go. For just one moment she needed to ... ::