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((Corridors, USS Apollo))

::Cayden was, for lack of a better term, wandering.::

::Sometimes, in the past, she’d found that wandering about, both mentally and physically, and letting her feet take her where they would, was one of the best ways to really think. After the run in they’d had with the Cardassian in the briefing room, that was exactly what she needed too. Though the woman had been sent to help them, she had chosen to dig up some fairly nasty pasts, and that still bothered the Trill woman. Still coming to terms with those events, having them thrown in her face unexpectedly and with perceived malice had cut deep. And even if she had physically regained her composure, her mind was still scattered and her heart still beat faster than it should have.::

::The heavy beating echoed in her ears as she walked, threatening to drown out more important things, like the sound of her badge chirping. After a second, the sound connected in her mind and she tapped it.::

Pierce: =/\=Pierce to Adyr.=/\=

Adyr:=/\=Hey Sid, how did things go? Make any progress?=/\=

::Perhaps it was subconscious, but there was something there about her voice, and what she said next, that sat kind of funny with Cayden.:: Pierce:=/\=I'll be down ASAP, turns out I have a meeting with Liam first.=/\=

::Alright. So she would have to wait for the news. Fair enough.::

Adyr:=/\=I’m not sure where I’ll be, but call me when you’re done and I’ll meet you somewhere. =/\=

::And the line closed, leaving Cayden in the silence of the nearly unused and empty corridor.::

::Stopping near one of the places where she could look out the window into space, Cayden let her thoughts drift to the blackness of space and the lives that were being felled by the invasion they were so powerless to stop. So much pointless death and pain; war was hell and she would never feel quite comfortable walking into it. Looking down, suddenly, at the floor, she let out a heavy sigh. War took so much more than just life. It was a fact that the Trill knew quite well in the lives that followed that of Jazra Adyr.::

((Flashback, Betazed, 2373))

::Sure, they were more mature than many of their age from other species, such as the Terrans, for example. But that didn’t mean they never had fun. And sometimes, it was simple, childish fun.::

::Running as fast as she could, Jazra pushed past Saraa and left the others behind. Approaching the outcropping, she flung herself into the open air and, for the briefest moment, felt terror grip her as she floated, suspended over the water below, for a fraction of a second. Her stomach flipped as gravity took her and she fell quickly downwards. Straightening out her body, she hit the water like a knife, slicing through the cold blueness of the ocean. Instantly, her body was in a sort of shock from the cold, but she recovered quickly and, as her momentum ceased, she started kicking herself back towards the shimmering light that represented the surface.::

::The water broke around her as she breeched, looking up and into the face of her friend who seemed so far up there. Grinning, she waved her down.::

Adyr (Jazra): C’mon! That was fun!

::Her friend looked at her with a crazy eye for a long moment before disappearing again. Jazra only sat there, floating in the water as she waited, hoping at least one of them would take the plunge, and dare, to join her. Having almost given up on them jumping, and figuring they were going to take the path down to the water, she laid back and looked up at the clear beauty of the sky.::

::That was when a splash and a wave hit her.::

::Righting herself, she found her best friend’s eye and together, they fell into a fit of laughter befitting of two younger girls without a care in the world.::

((End Flashback))

::The laughter seemed to disperse into the air around her as she shook her head. A frown appeared on her face, despite the more joyful nature of the memory. Without thinking, her feet were already in motion again, taking her somewhere else as she remembered her friend, and the many times after that when they jumped from the rock. The final time had been mere days before the invasion, and the forces that invaded the planet, which had destroyed the beauty of the area as they had attacked. It wasn’t like the image in her memories anymore.::

::Walking without knowing quite where she was going, her feet finally brought her to a door as the image of the location in her mind faded, to be replaced by the current, war torn and desolate view of the same location. Suddenly looking up, she realized where she was. Deciding to see if she was able to enter, she did what she had watched Viktor do so many times before and put her hand on the door. To her somewhat surprise, the doors slid open and revealed the inner contents, already alive, and a form she recognized.::

::He seemed deep in some kind of meditation, and she wasn’t sure if the doors had opened because he had told them to, or if they had been set to recognize her, but either way she was somewhat thankful that they had let her in. As they closed behind her, and the room was plunged back into its characteristic dark nature, she sat silently in the chair closest to the man in the black collar.::

::Though not telepathic in any way, Cayden could sense waves of something not quite benevolent washing off of him. It didn’t scare her, though she found herself concerned and confused on just what to say.::

((Flashback, USS Alabama, 2351))

::Alaryc moved after Cory as he stormed through the briefing room after getting the bad news in an attempt to get out the door. Jumping in front of it, he blocked his exit route.::

Reese: Dammit Ric! Get out of my way!

Adyr (Alaryc): I can’t do that Cory.

::The other man threw the padd in his hand as hard as he could against the display case that was set up on the far wall. The simple glass shattered, raining down on the carpet below. Alaryc still didn’t move.::

Adyr (Alaryc): Talk to me…

::With a fiery look and throwing his hands into the air, Cory Reese stomped off in the other direction. Forcefully throwing himself into one of the chairs at the table, he crossed his arms over his chest and growled. If looks could kill, the one on his face just then would be a multi-planet death sentence. But still, he said nothing. After a few moments, realizing the man wasn’t moving, the Captain finally moved from the doorway and found a seat next to him. Copying his posture, and staring off in the same direction, he sat there quietly for a moment before speaking.::

Adyr (Alaryc): Cory, I know this isn’t the….

::But the other man cut him off with a slice of his hand and a stern statement.::

Reese: Shut up Ric. Just shut up and sit with me.

::And for a moment, he thought about saying something else, but quickly closed his mouth and returned his gaze to the stars outside. In silence, the friendship and the strength of their bond was more than apparent, and in time, built on silence, wounds began to heal.::

((End Flashback))

::Cayden had, too, opened her mouth to say something, anything, though she did not know what she was going to say. The brief memory made her think otherwise though. There was something about his form, how he sat, and what she was able to read on his face, though very little, that said this wasn’t a time for words. And so, in the darkness, she leaned just close enough to put her fingers on his arm to let him know she was there. The rest, she left to the silence, and the simple fact that she was there.::



Lieutenant Cayden Adyr
Mission Specialist/Command Advisor
USS Apollo

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