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((Beachfront - Echevar Island))

:: Going back to his room had been the right decision for Liam. It had given him time to change into something a little more befitting his plans for the evening. He was surprised at how much he had begun to care about the appearance he put forward. He was even more surprised at how nervous he would find himself when he knew he was going to meet her. And as he stepped out the door of the hotel and made his way towards the beach, he wondered if he had even been this nervous when he reported to the Victory for the first time.::

:: He looked out over the ocean for a while, letting the consistent sound of waves gently hitting the rocks that he stood on. He breathed deeply, taking in the freshness of the ocean breeze. He was reminded of vacations taken back home, and the first time he had really gotten to know her. And as his mind drifted away from that place and back to where he was, he spotted her, standing just off one of the paths that ran parallel to the beach. He stepped down carefully off the rock and began to walk towards her.::

:: As he walked down the path, he stopped for a moment as the breeze picked up slightly. He could see her, enjoying the view and the feeling of the sea air much the same way he had a few moments ago. He stood there for a moment, saying nothing, just watching as her hair and dress danced in the wind. He was captivated by the image and, for a while, he was fairly certain that he could be content just watching her for the rest of the night. He took a deep breath and began to walk towards her. He still could not accurately describe the feeling he got when he was around her. Both slightly terrifying and yet comforting at the same time. He stopped just behind her, breathing in the mix of the sea air and the scent of her perfume as he placed a hand on her shoulder.::

Frost: Enjoying the view?

:: Having been listening for him, the voice behind her and the warm touch on her shoulder startled her, though in a good way. She smiled at him, pouring as much of her feelings into the look as she could manage in the relative darkness broken only by the glimmering of moonlight that the ocean sent scattering across the waves.::

Adyr: Just trying to pass the time. ::She paused.:: Wondering if you would be able to make it this time.

:: She grinned. The universe had done a fair job at keeping him away from the dinner they had planned what had seemed so long ago.::

:: He smiled at her, gently pulling her closer to him. Cayden felt him envelope her in warmth; the embrace sent scores of butterflies surging through her, resulting in the strangest, most amazing feelings.::

Frost: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

:: And he meant it. He was on leave, free from the responsibilities that sometimes came between him and the things he would have liked to do. He didn't regret or resent any of it. He had known from the day he applied to the Academy that he might not always have time for the things he wanted. But while he was freed from the duties that needed his attention, he was going to spend every moment of it enjoying himself.::

:: For a moment, Cayden simply was. Time somehow slowed when these moments came. While the galaxy around them was rushing on, these moments seemed to exist outside the normal rules of space and time. She didn't know how long they had been there like that when he reached out and took her hand in his.::

Frost: Shall we?

:: The dinner. Cayden had gotten so caught up in that moment that she had forgotten everything else. Though reluctant to let go of the warmth she had found, she smiled up at him.::

Adyr: Of course. :: Looking down for a moment, Cayden tried to collect her thoughts. They seemed as scattered as the grains of white sand on the beach they walked on. How he had that effect on her was still beyond her mental reach, though she liked the feeling more and more. It was almost like a drug that she wanted more of. The more time she spent around him, the more time she wanted to spend around him. The flame was growing. The question was, would they allow that flame to become the uncontrollable blaze that it was yearning to become.::

:: In the silence, Cayden took in everything. The touch of his hand against hers, the feeling of contentment knowing he was next to her, even his very scent played a part in the overall picture. There was almost nothing she could do to make it any better.::

:: It only took a few moments to reach their destination. The restaurant seemed to be all that it had promised too. The open air approach, coupled with delicate candlelight that danced on the most intricate of any candles she had ever seen. Though the ocean breeze blew, the flames did not go out. Instead, they danced within multicolored globes that only added to the shimmering moonlight. Cayden found herself nearly mesmerized by the light show as she let him lead her to an empty table.::

:: Despite the beauty of the place, it was not crowded. There was the gentle sound of music that was only enhanced by the soft lapping of the waves on the shore. Conversations at other tables were drowned out in the delicate song. It made her feel as if they were alone in the most beautiful of places; that the universe was catering only to them.::

:: Letting go of his hand, though somewhat reluctantly, she sat and quickly fixed her eyes on the man now across the table from her. Whatever remnants of others that were around them faded; it was as if they had found their own corner of the galaxy, on a beach under a million stars.::

Adyr: I dare say that the wait was worth it.

:: The dancing of the flames that lit up the restaurant caused his eyes to almost twinkle as if stars themselves. She caught his gaze and held it.::

:: The look she gave him was mesmerizing, and was more than enough to cause the world around him to simply fall away as if it had never been there. There was something the slightest bit intimidating about them, the experiences that came with so many lives already lived. And yet, they compelled him to explore deeper.::

Frost: No argument from me.

:: More could be said with the eyes than most other parts of the body, including the voice. There was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to ask, but in his eyes she could see her feelings mirrored right back at her. This whole thing was terrifying to them both and yet neither of them seemed to be able to do anything but follow along.::

:: It had been a relatively long road from Lake Armstrong to the Echevar Island Resort. The feelings had gone from the embers of friendship to a steady flame that represented something more. Then, Cayden stopped herself.::

:: Was this what they meant when they said that you were falling for someone? Had she fallen? Was she falling? More importantly, would he catch her?::

:: Her smile drew him in. It captivated him. It called to him the same way the stars had first called to him. And like with the stars, he was powerless to fight that call.::

:: The train of her thoughts was broken as a waiter suddenly appeared. Cayden tore her gaze from him and smiled up at the new addition who explained what the restaurant was famous for and what was on the menu for that night.::

((Timeskip, an hour or so later.))

:: Liam relaxed in his seat, taking another sip from his wine glass. He had enjoyed finally being able to do something as simple as sit across from her and enjoy the meal he had promised her what seemed like so long ago.::

:: Promise.::

:: Promise was something that seemed to be all around him when he looked at her, when she smiled, and when he saw that sparkle in her eyes when she looked at him. He couldn't describe the look, nor the feeling it inspired in him when she did. It almost didn't seem to matter where they were. As long as she was there, he was exactly where he wanted to be.::

:: He turned away from her for just a moment, looking out over the balcony to the two oceans beyond them, one of water, the other of stars. He smiled again, something he had found himself doing even more than usual recently. He looked out into the night, a part of him wishing it didn't have to end. He took one long last sip from his glass before standing up and offering her his hand.::

Frost: Well, you were kind enough to give me a tour of your room, it's only fair I return the favour.

:: The smile that appeared on her face then betrayed her own wishes for the night to go on. As dinner had drawn to a close, she silently asked the universe to stop just for a little while. She wanted this moment to last forever; for the night was theirs and nothing else was for at least that moment in time. His offer had fulfilled that wish.::

Adyr: I've learned that I should not argue with you.

:: Standing, she took his hand. It was like wading through uncharted waters; so many emotions were bombarding her at once. Content to be led back towards the hotel, she let the waves of butterflies come and wash over here like the waves upon the shore. The night promised to be so much more now. It didn't have to end.::

:: They walked together back into the hotel. He said little on the walk towards the lift, content to simply enjoy having her so close. They exited into the hall which, like the ones below them, contained only two doors. He moved down the hall, opening the door to a room that was almost as large as the house he had grown up in. The decorations made it appear almost palatial, especially when compared to the quarters he had been assigned when he had come aboard the Victory for the first time. He reached into the pocket of his shirt, producing a keycard, which he handed to her.::

Frost: I had them make me an extra one, just in case.

:: Taking it from him she grinned mischievously, though inside her thoughts were racing. Sure, they had been technically sharing quarters on the station since before…this. But he had been away for much of the time that she had been there. It was quiet without him around, but that was something she would have to get used to. In the end, she realized how much she didn't want him to leave her, but it was the price she would have to pay to be by his side.::

Adyr: Good call…

:: As they stepped through the door into the room, Cayden never took her eyes off of him. She could tell that the room was much bigger than her own, but it didn't matter. It wouldn't have mattered if they were stuck in the smallest of all rooms. All that mattered was that he was there, and that she was surrounded by his warmth.::

Adyr: We could get into trouble in a place like this…

:: Her voice was slightly shaky now as something new surfaced. The butterflies had exploded into something entirely consuming. She was losing control of the flames and they threatened to become a blaze of uncontrollable desire. The draw was stronger than she had ever imagined despite the memories and experiences of the prior Adyr hosts. And though she was nearly terrified, she could think of no better place to be than lost in his arms. Pulling him further into the room, she quickly found herself wrapped once more in his warmth.::

:: He leaned down and kissed her. For a moment, time seemed to stop around them. The universe would go on without them, but as far as he was concerned, the entire universe existed only within his room.::

Frost: I was counting on it.

:: Cayden quickly gave in to the promises of the future, of a world where they walked together regardless of the trials they may face. In that moment, as his lips met hers in the relative darkness of the large room, surrounded by the clear walls of windows that allowed the starlight to bathe them both, the young Trill decided that if she was falling, there wasn't anything she would do to stop it. Whatever the future brought to them, it didn't matter. That moment, the feel of his lingering kiss and the strength behind the arms that now held her; that was all that existed.::

:: There was no going back now. Crossing the threshold of his room with her had brought Liam to the point where there was only one direction to go, forward. There was no way to tell where that path would lead him, but he was determined to follow it, he had no other choice. And, as he held her close, knowing he was headed down that path with her was the greatest feeling in the world.::

Lieutenant Liam Frost


PNPC Cayden Adyr
As simmed by
Commander Kali Nicholotti

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