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((Flashback, USS Skipjack, 72 Years Ago))

::After a literal run-in in the corridor, Alaryc followed the friendly tactical officer who had offered to help keep him out of trouble. He was late for his very first assignment and it wasn’t the way he had wanted to start his career in Starfleet. At the same time, it would be that moment that led him to one of the greatest friendships he would ever know, and years after the fact, he would come to realize that being late was a small price to pay for that.::

::At that moment, however, he was almost terrified. Fresh from the Academy, there was a sense of boyish wonder about him as he followed the man in the gold collar who had been there for a year already. The man, Cory Reese, seemed to not mind Alaryc and his ‘new officer syndrome’, which Ric would come to appreciate in the years to come. Cory never minded the idiosyncrasies that came up. Instead, he always seemed to embrace them…::

::Eventually, the pair arrived on deck one and the lift doors opened in front of them. Without hesitation, Reese stepped out onto the bridge and took a few steps before realizing that the Trill hadn’t followed. Turning, he looked back at Alaryc, who for the moment, seemed at a loss for words. Ric was, in fact, so enthralled with his first real view of a working bridge that he forgot what he was doing and what he was supposed to be saying.::

::Cory seemed to laugh inwardly; the look was easily discerned by the spark in his eyes as he looked back towards the new science officer. In an attempt to disguise his voice, he grinned at the nearest officer and spoke for Ric.::

Reese: ::With a poorly disguised voice.:: Ensign Alaryc Adyr requesting permission to come aboard.

::With his name having been said, Alaryc snapped back to reality and immediately began to mentally kick himself. Thankfully, though, the Captain didn’t even turn when he simply said ‘come’. Either he was used to the antics of the tactical officer, or he didn’t notice, though with as poorly as the voice had been disguised, Ric figured it was the former.::

::Stepping from the lift, the newly minted officer made his way down to the command center of the bridge. Cory remained in the back of the bridge, with his arms crossed over his chest and a rather goofy grin on his face.::

oO Don’t mess up…Don’t mess up….Don’t mess up…Oo

Adyr (Alaryc): Ensign Alaryc Adyr reporting for duty as ordered, sir.

((End Flashback))


Lieutenant Cayden Adyr
Mission Specialist/Command Advisor
USS Apollo

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