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Captain Abby Roberts is an epistolary NPC of Lily Ventu who previously served as commanding officer of the USS Galaxy.


  • Abigail Roberts was born in 2348 on the Starship Lexington while it was en route to Altair VI. Her mother, Lieutenant Commander Eleanor Roberts, the science officer, was reported to have only been in Sickbay for forty-five minutes following the birth before requesting to return to duty. Abby grew up as a Starfleet brat, but she made the most of her situation, and ended up thinking a lot of the 'Fleet, eventually going to the Academy herself. She graduated in 2370, but instead of joining a starship or base straight out of the Academy, she was asked to stay on and speak with potential students about her experiences at the Academy. One of the students she spoke with while she was at that post was Aresee Ventu, a girl who had already failed the entrance exam once. Abby was asked to encourage Ventu to reapply, which she did, and the second time, Aresee was accepted. Abby kept in contact with Aresee, helping to advise her in everything from her classes to her burgeoning relationship with Nick Parks, all through her freshman year. In 2372, Abby was offered a position on a ship and a promotion to junior lieutenant, which she took; but she and Aresee stayed in touch through the time that Aresee took her leave of absence in her junior year.
  • Abby attempted to keep in contact with Aresee when she left, but she didn't have much luck. Following Aresee's return, they spoke sporadically, perhaps once or twice a year, at least until Aresee was promoted to lieutenant commander. When she began to understand the nuances and burdens of command, Aresee, who soon started going by Lily, sought out her old friend, who had always been on the command track herself. They corresponded mostly by letter, and it proved a beneficial relationship for both of them - Aresee/Lily was a reinforcement, of sorts, for Abby, as she proved that she had done something right. By that point, of course, it had been proven over and over again, as Abby was now a captain.
  • Abby was promoted to captain of the USS Galaxy in 2384. Through the letters, Lily knows most of Abby's command crew (and has met a few of them, too, through talking to Abby in her ready room or such).