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  • Height: 162 cm (5'4")
  • Weight: 64 kilos (142 lbs)
  • Blood Type: T+
  • T/E Rating: T3


  • Chronic Illnesses: Partial traumatic lumbar paraplegia (see notes)
  • Medications: Topical dermastimulant-5 for prevention of pressure sores when required
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: No previous partners. Onset of first Pon Farr delayed until 238802.04 due to unauthorized self-medication. Predicted date of next cycle: 240002.01


  • 237412.06: Diagnosed with early-onset Bendii syndrome following episodes of short-term memory loss [NOTE: This diagnosis was dismissed as fraudulent on 238802.04]
  • 238802.02: Emergency admission to sickbay following a rapid series of seizures due to unauthorized self-medication intended to indefinitely delay the onset of Pon Farr.
  • 238802.04: Transferred to USS Nightingale Intensive Care Unit following accelerated onset of Pon Farr symptoms and early signs of organ failure. DNR order requested and granted.
  • 238802.05: Transferred to stasis following onset of rapid neurological degeneration due to quarternary stages of Pon Farr.
  • 238802.06: Returned to active ICU following successful introduction of healthy myelin-B sample donated from unnamed family member. Commencement of intensive tissue regeneration therapy.
  • 238802.17: Discharged from ICU but retained under medical observation, Dr Kraft-Ebing attending. Patient is suffering from partial, possibly permanent paralysis and experiences some residual difficulty speaking.
  • 238802.28: Transferred to the care of the infirmary staff at Bayeux Criminal Rehabilitation Centre for commencement of recommended therapy program. Patient is expected to regain previous level of language proficiency with ease, but is likely to experience only a partial improvement in mobility due to the extent of the neurological damage sustained.
  • 239302.13: Temporarily confined to Sickbay (USS Constitution) following premature onset of Pon Farr and violent threats towards members of staff.


  • 238802.05: Admitted to emergency surgery following abrupt internal hemorrhaging from multiple points of GI tract due to temperature-induced cellular degeneration. Patient was stabilized and synthetic organs were introduced berfore DNR order came into effect.
    • Surgeon: Dr Joon-Young, Therese, MD, IPCS
    • OR Site: USS Nightingale


Underwent intensive psychotherapy at Bayeaux Criminal Rehabilitation Centre from 238802-239203. Deemed to no longer present a danger to the public as of 239203.11 and released. Subsequent physicians are cautioned that her pathological phobia of experiencing Pon Farr may resurface in future.


  • Alcohol: None.
  • Recreation Drugs: None.
  • Other: Unauthorized administration of self-designed medication from 2374-2388. (Compound detailed in attached file.)


  • Mother: Congenital hearing loss (Autosomal recessive, subtype 4)
  • Father: Congenital hearing loss (T'Kara's autosomal neuropathy)
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: Widowed (Sutek, deceased as of 238302.17)
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Science officer
  • Diet: Vegan
  • Exercise: Physiotherapy, twice weekly.


  • 237412.06 - Neurologist: Prof. Sutek, MD, PhD, VCN, T'Len-Hathara University Hospital.
  • Medical Assessment: Dr T'Reshik is a 23-year-old Vulcan female presenting with uncharacteristic episodes of short-term memory loss for her age. She reports that these episodes began seventeen days prior, at a frequency of four episodes in total at non-regular intervals. Scans show neurological anomalies consistent with early-onset Bendii syndrome and time-lapsed neurological monitoring confirms this. T'Reshik is expected to retain normal brain functioning for approximately twenty-two point six years, with proper care and treatment, after which point the rate of degeneration is likely to accelerate. Projected life expectancy is no longer than three decades. Permission to administer an experimental treatment has been grated by the patient and the ethics board, and the patient has been educated to prepare and administer her own medication. [NOTE: This diagnosis was dismissed as fraudulent on 238802.04]

  • 238802.02 - Medical Officer: Dr Karpel, Harrok, MD, USS Chrysippus
  • Medical Assessment: Dr T'Reshik was admitted to sickbay today under duress, having been found in her office in the middle of a seizure. After initially attempting to insist that she was fine, she experienced an additional seizure, and, following stabilization, began to show signs of emotional distress. She states that for over a decade she has been using an unlicensed pharmaceutical compound to prevent herself from experiencing the onset of the Vulcan reproductive cycle. Scans show that she has sustained subtle but widespread neurological damage and until we can establish the exact cause of the seizures she has been ordered to stop administration of all unauthorized medication, which she has agreed to.


  • 239203.02 - Counselor: Dr Hossein, Emma, PhD, MPsych, Bayeaux Criminal Rehabilitation Centre
  • Counseling Assessment: Whilst I cannot yet recommend the reinstatement of her medical license, I strongly believe that after four years of intensive therapy, Ms T'Reshik no longer constitutes a danger to the public. Her crimes were motivated in part by fear of discovery and in part by an almost obsessive drive to correct what she saw as a natural injustice. Although therapy has done little to mitigate her ideas in this regard, she has expressed deep regret for her actions and now accepts that her decisions were not supported by logic. Some criminals act out of impulse, self-interest, or a pathological lack of empathy: Ms T'Reshik seems to occupy a minority, in the sense that she truly believed her work would make the galaxy a better place for her people. It is my professional opinion that, with the benefit of guidance and perhaps a little more humility, this patient will make a positive contribution to society following her release.