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((Matthews’ Family Home-The Valley-Earth))

Jefferson Matthews walked in from the snow covered lower valley where Jade and Alexander’s private cabin was completed. He felt the worry and overwhelming feelings from Frances when they talked to Alexander while he was in the sickbay on the Mercury. He could do anything but feel helpless while his only son had been wounded, and for that matter lost his limb. He had to be strong for Frances and for that matter his daughter in law, Jade. He entered the main house looking for his wife, Frances. He walked through and closed the double doors, kicked the snow off of his boots and took them off. He found Frances sitting at the desk in the living room in front of the the comm console trying to get find out more about Jade and Alexander.::

Jefferson: ::Walking over to her and standing behind her.:: Have you heard anything yet ? ::Taking off his coat.::

Frances: ::Looking to the screen as the Starfleet emblem appeared on it.:: No, nothing yet. ::She looked back to her husband.:: I’m trying to contact Jade now. ::Looking into his eyes as the tears formed in them.:: I have always known that something like this could happen, but after the other battle, I have always consider him just very lucky...but this...

Jefferson: ::Wiping the tears from her face.:: There is something that you have not thought about and should be thankful for. He is alive, he needs us to be strong for him right now. Not only just him, Jade needs us too in this time of crisis. ::He looked to the screen as the connection to the starbase came through.::

((Medical Ward-Deck 500-Starbase 118))

Frances turned towards the screen as she wiped her eyes, reached back to hold Jefferson’s hand as the image of Jade came to life. Frances and Jefferson smiled at their daughter in-law, the woman that captured the heart of their only son. Frances touched the screen to try and feel the emotion. Jefferson smiled at Jade as well, they both noticed something about Jade she seemed different. They both remembered her the first day that they met her on the holodeck, Frances smiled and spoke to her daughter.::

Frances: =/\= ::Smiling.:: Hello dear, how are you? ::Looking into the screen with a concerned expression.:: First of all are you alright, is everything alright on the ship ?=/\= ::Jade smiled to see her mother- and father in law. She had to be strong and not worry them.::

Jade: =/\=We are ok, thanx. I will not leave Alex until he is better.=/\=

Jefferson: =/\=Alexander wanted us to come and be with you, but we would never make it in time. How is he doing Jade ?=/\=

Jade held back a tear.::

Jade: =/\=He is so strong and brave. I know he is going to be ok – but I can’t help fearing what could have happened.=/\=

Jefferson: =/\=Yes, he is just like his great grandfather.::Nodding and smiling.:: All he did tell us that it was a rescue mission and there was a battle. He just told us that the main thing on his mind getting home to you and back to the ship. He said that he kept you and us on his mind. The main thing is that he is alive.=/\=

Frances: ::Smiling.:: =/\=We talked to him the other day, but have not heard from him since, has he said anything ? We miss you both.=/\=

Jade: =/\=He sends his love. We all do. We will be with you soon.=/\=

Jefferson: =/\=We love you both too, but you keep saying we will see us soon. Let us know and we will meet you on the holodeck.=/\=

Frances: ::Looking into Jade’s eyes.:: =/\=Jade, you are saying we all. Are you feeling alright ? Is there something that we should know ? =/\=::With a very concerned expression.::

Jade: =/\=I am doing ok, so is your grandchild.=/\=

Jefferson and Frances looked into the screen with wide eyes and shock. Alexander did not tell them about the baby. Frances was so overjoyed, but at the same time she was very upset with her son for keeping this from her. Jefferson just looked at the screen and could not say a word. He could only smile at his daughter in law with his heart.::

Jefferson:=/\=I can only say this, I’m so happy and congratulations daughter.=/\= ::Holding Frances’ hand with a strong, but gentle grasp.::

Frances: =/\=::Smiling and touching the screen.:: Well, when, how ? Oh my lord that is a silly question. I’m so happy for you dear. ::Then changing her expression.:: Will we see you, Alexander and the baby on the holodeck after the operation ?=/\=

Jade: =/\=You will, yes you will see us soon.=/\=

Jefferson: =/\=You keep saying that, has the doctor told you something ?=/\= ::Looking at his daughter in law with concern.::

Frances: ::Looking back to Jefferson.:: =/\=Jeff, you need to leave. It’s time for the ladies to talk. ::Holding his hand.:: Go on, we will be fine.=/\=

Jade: =/\=It’s ok=/\=

Jefferson looked to his wife with a puzzled expression, but then he remembered that his mother did the same when Frances told her about being pregnant. He just smiled at Jade and waved as he walked into the kitchen to make some tea. Frances looked back to the screen to talk with Jade.::

Frances: =/\=Now, how far along are you and tell me what the doctor said as far as orders. ::Smiling.:: This is so exciting.=/\=

Jade: =/\=I’m four months, Doctor recommends rest – so Im off duty until after baby is born.=/\=

Frances:=/\= What did Alexander do when you told him ? ::Laughing.:: I bet he got all nervous. His father did the same thing. It was so funny, I had to tell him that was just pregnant, I was not going to break.=/\=

Jade: =/\=He was great, so strong and so happy.=/\=

Jefferson walked back into the living room just at that moment carrying his cup of tea.::

Jefferson: =/\=I heard that and yes I was nervous. It was my first time being pregnant...::He thought about what he just said.:: Wait that did not come out right.=/\=

Jade: =/\=Yeh!=/\=

Frances: ::Looked over to Jefferson with a grin.:: Jeff...Shutup.

Jefferson took a sip of his tea, shook his head and sat down in the chair looking out of the window at the snow covered ground. Frances just smiled at him, then turned towards the screen to talk more with Jade.::

Frances: ::Smiling.:: =/\= He will be fine. ::Then looking concerned.:: I know you are worried about Alex dear. So am I, but just as Jeff said, we should be thankful that he is alive.=/\=

Jade: =/\=Oh I am – he means everything to me.=/\=

Askade walked into the ward looking for Jade, she turned to find her in the office. She entered as Jade was still talking with Frances, she just listened. She has never met Alexander’s parents, but she just walked up behind Jade and stood there silently.::

Frances: ::Looking to see Askade behind Jade.:: =/\=Jade dear, who is that behind you ?=/\=

Jefferson heard Frances ask Jade about the stranger, stood up and walked back over to the console too see who Frances was talking about. He looked to see a Klingon female standing beside Jade.::

Jade: =/\=Hi ya=/\=

Askade: =/\= Hi Jade, Hello Mrs, Matthews. I’m Askade D’ciq, a very close friend to Jade and Alexander. Hello Mr. Matthews.=/\=

Jade: =/\=she has been so supportive too.=/\=

Jefferson: =/\=It is a pleasure to meet you. Alexander has mentioned you before. He told us that you have been watching over them both. I thank you.=/\=

Frances: ::Looking at Askade.:: =/\= Yes we thank you, but I remember seeing you before. ::Thinking for a moment.:: I remember now, you were at the wedding. In fact you were sitting behind us.=/\=

Askade: ::Nodding.:: =/\=Yes I was, and you are very welcome. =/\=

Jade felt a rush of emotion thinking about the wedding.::

Jade:=/\=I wish I could be back there now.=/\=

Jefferson and Frances could understand how Jade felt at this time of crisis. They could only be there for her in spirit. Askade just placed her hand on Jade’s shoulder and did her best to comfort her friend. Then there was a crash from the room that Alexander was supposed to be resting in, there was a scream of anger that sent shivers down the spine of them all.::

Frances: =/\=What on earth was that ?=/\= ::Looking to Jade and Askade with concern.::

Jade: =/\=I have to go. It’s Alex.=/\=

The channel closed and went dark as Jade stood up and walked to the the room where she watched Alexander as he sat on the edge of the bed. Alexander looked to Jade, the feeling of inner strength flowing into him, as he raised himself above the depths of despair, into the light of hope.::


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