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((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Alexander walks into his quarters after talking with Eyas, he finds Jade looking out to the stars as the Mercury orbits the planet near the space station. He walked up behind her and placed his arms around her, smelling her perfume and her hair. The softness of her body and the smell of her skin still made him feel like the first time he saw her. She was a major part of his life now. It used to be just duty, but now there was Jade. He looked upon her beauty as the stars shined in her eyes. He saw only her and the life that they will live together.::

Alex: Hey sweetheart. I hope I was not too long. ::Holding her close as she turned towards him.::

Jade: Hiya babe, aw is ok. I was just getting some things done. Missed ya tho.

Alex: ::Kissing her softly.:: Missed you too. Eyas was telling me about his homeworld. It was very interesting.

Jade: That’s neat. Ok, what we doin now?

Alex: ::Smiling.:: How about this. ::Taking her by the hand and walking with her to their bedroom.:: We sit back relax and watch the stars fly by or we can cuddle and tell each other bedtime stories.

Jade: Sure.

They both walked into the bedroom, he held her close as looked into her eyes. He thought back again to the first time that he saw her and the gleam in her eyes. He heart was taken by her, and will always be hers. He moved over to his side of the bed and grabbed one of the pillows. He smiled as she walked over to her side as she leaned over, he swung the pillow at her.::

Jade: Hey!

Alex: ::Laughing.::I never had pillow fights while I was growing up.

Jade: I did!

Alexander ducked as Jade jumped up on the bed to hit him with her pillow. She hit him full in the face as he was laughing, he swung at her legs and missed as she jumped up over the pillow. He hopped on the bed and found another pillow hit in the chest. This time when Jade hit him the pillow burst and feathers flew about the room. He laughed as he saw the smile on her face and the excitement in her eyes.::

Alex: You seem to be an expert at this babe. ::Ducking as Jade swung again.::

Jade: Sure am!

Alexander smiled as Jade grabbed another pillow smacking him across the face again. He grabbed her close to him. Feathers flying all over the room, he kissed her softly as the feathers floated to the floor. They fell onto the bed and watched the stars pass by. He looked over to her as he placed his hand under his head.::

Alex: When was the last time that you heard from your brother?

Jade froze when painful memories returned.::

Jade: Not since I joined Star Fleet, maybe two years? Last I heard he lived with friends of my fathers on distant starbase, but not heard since.

Alex: How would you like to find him ? ::He pulled her close as she placed her head on his shoulder.:: We can check the database and see if we can find him. Jade if you want to we will go and start looking. ::Turning his head towards her.:: Darling, it’s important to find him.

Jade sobbed quietly.::

Jade: I would like that, even just to find out why?

Alex: ::Looking into her eyes, he touched her face gently.:: Then before shore leave, we will check on where he was last located and then go searching. We will find him, I promise.

Jade: thanx hon. ::Jade’s green eyes sparkled.::

Alex: ::Taking her into his arms and holding her close.:: You welcome. I will always stand by you in everything. I love you. ::Sitting up as he looked to the stars.::

Jade: Love ya tooo! ::Jade waited, felt Alex was distracted.:: you ok babe? Worrying about something?

Alex: Just about the mission and how things are going along with it. ::Looking at her into her eyes.::

Jade: It be ok. ::She hugged him.::

Alex: I have been seeing some visions from the past, it is a little troubling. ::Turning towards her.:: Remember when we met, and I told you about my past career ? The flashbacks have started again. ::Holding her close again tightly.::

Jade: Yeh, you had tough times.

Alex: I’m going to make some time and see the counselor or Velana. I have to bring out the memories once and for all.

Jade: But__?

Alex: It has to be done. If I’m going to be able to continue on with my career. I have to face them. to be free of the memories. I thought that I had come full circle. ::Looking away for a second.:: It’s time. ::Looking at her with tears forming in his eyes.:: I don’t want to be unable to be there for you when you need me the most babe. ::Touching her hair.:: I promised you in front of my mother and father.

Jade: oh Alex.

Alexander looked at her and just held her close in his arms, then he found another pillow and hit Jade again laughing to take his mind off of the demons plaguing his mind and soul. The horrors of the past have to stop.::


Lt Jade Matthews, Security & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews Chief Of Operations USS Mercury NCC-99812