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(Holodeck 2)

Eerie and Peiy arrived back at the picnic site, and again he sat down with trouble on the blanket. He could smell the food; sitting on the blanket was a bottle, two cups and several baskets of food with the food he had brought. ::

oO So far so good I hope Oo

Eerie watched as Peiy sat down next to him and started to get some plates out one of the baskets. ::

Peiy: So what would you like to try first?

Eerie looked at the different assortment of food, it all looked good, but he was not a picky eater by any measure and it all looked good. He looked at Peiy who was sort of sitting to one side- to Eerie it looked awful uncomfortable. To Eerie sitting was not natural but he’d gotten used to it, even if he didn’t like it::

Eerie: I’ll try some of that and :: pointing awkwardly :: that looks good also...

Peiy: :: Passing a plate full of larger than usual sized portions:: Here you go. The spring role is a curious thing but I quite like it.

Eerie and Peiy ate in silence for a few minutes, while Eerie was still nervous, there was something relaxing but exciting about it. ::

Eeire : Have you seen the new baby on board yet?

Peiy perked up. She hadn’t seen the baby, but who didn’t adore babies? She was hoping to meet the little one soon. Truth be known she’d been feeling a little lonely since hearing the news. Family was so important to Bolians and it was difficult to cultivate relationships and grow your family with a career like StarFleet. ::

Peiy: No not yet... Have you?

Eerie: Well, just a bundle of blankets …....not really.

Peiy: What does she look like? I bet she was cute.

Eerie: It was tough to tell, most human babies look pretty much the same, but Commander T’Lea has not brought her much yet.

Peiy: So what did they decide to call her? They must be so proud.

Peiy wondered how the Brikar viewed family and what their younglings were like. Peiy was a bit worried about asking him in case he was offended by her curiosity, which had often been attacked as prying. She continued to nibble on different snacks as they talked, offering them to Eerie whenever she took something for herself. ::

Eerie : According to the records, T’ Sara.

Peiy: What about Brikarn families? What are your younglings like?

Eerie:They look a lot like human babies before they develop the harden skin, which develops as they grow up.

Eerie was starting to get nervous, Brikar private life was that private, he stuttered and then. ::

Eerie: Don’t terrans have a celebration of sorts for the birth of a child?

Peiy: Oh. I don’t know...

Eerie: From what I understand it is a party of some type put on by the females.

Peiy: Fascinating.

Eerie: Perhaps, you and some of the other women on board could throw a party for her and the captain.

Peiy: I don’t know if something has been done or planned already, but I can ask around. It sounds like a really nice thing to do.

Eerie : It would be a good thing to do, always good to have a good working group particularly with such a small crew, I’m sure that Blackwood or DeBarres would know what to do.

Peiy: I will try pin them down then to discuss it.

Eerie let the conversation fall silent for a few minutes, he was starting to get restless, but he was enjoying Peiy’s company, it was this sitting around that was bothering him, chairs were bad but fully exposed was not the way of the warrior. ::

oO What am I going to do now? We got the the eating part, and I would like to spend more time with her, but I really don’t know what to do. I guess I will just tell her. Oo

Eerie : Peiy ….I have something to confess …...::Eerie searched for the words, but they did not occur to him so he stood up and looked down at Peiy. ::

Her face wrinkled up and became etched with concern, it was also very unnerving having a big Brikar towering over you. She spoke softly trying to appear more calm than she felt. ::

Peiy: Is there a problem Eerie?

Eerie: I don’t know, but I have to be up front with you. :: He could feel himself shaking. ::

Peiy thought she saw Eerie tremble slightly... or was it her? She was starting to feel a bit nervous and fidgety. In fact she was starting to become really concerned that she had upset him. Was he angry? Was he shaking with rage? She didn’t want a beating from a Brikar that was for sure. She tried to play it cool but it was hard and she ended up stammering. ::

Peiy: If there is something wr... something you have to say... I prefer... upfront...

Eerie:nervously:: I like you Ensign, …..but …...:: Again the words came out in drips and drabs. ::

Eerie : I’m not sure what is going on here, but I , I or Brikar don’t date, or ….:: He was getting flustered. :: things are arranged normally but.....:: Eerie seemed completely tongue tied :

oO (Peiy) So is that it? He does not know my intentions. Maybe I have overstepped the mark. Oo

Peiy’s fretting went into overtime and she became quite tense, gripping her sleeves in the palm of her hands. She had to fight the urge to start addressing him formally again. ::

Peiy: I understand... you have an arrangement. oO Please don’t hate me. Oo

Eerie: Peiy ….I have never dated before, I would like to....spend more......

Peiy perked up at that last bit. She wasn’t sure she’d heard right. Her heart was beating so fast and loud she thought it could deafen herself and Eerie. ::

Peiy: ::Looking confused. :: Sorry. I didn’t catch that... :: Quietly :: What did you want to say?

It took Eerie a long moment to gather the words but they finally came out::

Eerie :What I am trying to say is that I would like to spend more time with you. ….There::Eerie let out a big gasp of air, he sat down again quickly making sure not to sit on anyone or any thing, he grabbed a cup of juice and took a glug, and looked confused. ::

oO (Eerie) This is as worse than and better than combat. Oo

Peiy thought that was the most tense and nerve wracking experience she’d ever had. Her relief was immense and it took a few moments before she was able to say anything to him. Once his words were absorbed she beamed with glee and gave him the biggest grin. ::

Peiy: I am so glad you feel that way. :: Calming breath:: I am really looking forward to it!

Eerie was pleased to see the smile on her face, then what she had said::

Peiy didn’t really feel like eating. She had been getting full anyway but after that awkward experience the last thing she wanted was some more food. ::

They didn’t say anything for a long moment, he turned away for a second then, Eerie turned toward her, and finally said in a quiet voice. ::

Eerie : Good...very good... .

He turned and watched the clouds roll by, and felt very relaxed, nervous, scared, happy all at the same time, it was a new experience, something that Eerie would be thinking about for a while. ::

Peiy smiled and watched Eerie for a while, he seemed to be looking up at the clouds. He was as impossible to read as ever. She hoped it would improve in time. Taking her cue from him she lay down on the grass and watched them too. She hardly noticed the giraffes, ships, dragons and other assorted creatures and objects sail through the sky as she took the emotional roller-coaster and reflected quietly on their day. ::

They continued like that for some time and Peiy felt like she’d be happy if they stayed there like that forever. To her it was a perfect moment and she hated to have to end it. She sat up and played with her sleeves for a minute, looking at Eerie who turned to face her. ::

Peiy: Eerie... we... we better get going I suppose...

Eerie: Of course, Peiy let me help you with some of this stuff.

Eerie got up and started assisting in putting things away, the food and the company was great, but he was kinda wishing that it would not end::

Eerie : Peiy, thanks for a wonderful time. We will be doing this again I hope? : It was sort of a statement and question::

oO(Eerie) I hope that is not too forwardOo

Piey: :: Grinning :: Of course!


Joint Post

LT jg Eerie Tactical Officer USS Aurora

(PNPC) Ensign Peiy Tactical Officer USS Aurora simmed by Ensign Evanna Blackwood