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((Bridge, USS Apollo))

::The first shockwave had done a fair amount of tossing the ship around, a fact that was made readily apparent by the way her hair wasn’t quite up in the tight ponytail as it usually was, but more fallen and frayed about as if she’d just gotten out of bed. It had sent EM waves bouncing between the hull and the shields, which had held in their case, and had caused damage and fires throughout the ship as well. The worst of which seemed contained on deck nine, but electronic shorts and overloads were still being seen, and dealt with.::

::That was when the information should have clicked, especially since she was watching the information and data streaming in from the Victory with some interest. But it took a stark line from the Intelligence officer to bring her thoughts around to the woman he knew Jaxx to be so close with. The woman who had risen from a simple fireteam second lieutenant to the likes of captaincy, and the woman who, Adri knew, to have a mechanical heart placed there because she had saved Jaxx’s life.::

Lanius: Sir, the Victory just registered a change in command. Confirmed by the intel eyes over there, Their captain went down in lieu of the shockwave. She's been rushed to sick bay. Nothing further.

::The second shockwave hit her mind and shook her far deeper than the first ever could. Her eyes darted towards the source, the Captain, as he took a moment to digest the information and shove it deep down with the news of his children that had been playing at the edge of his thoughts earlier. He was struggling, and though it took someone insanely close to see to just what degree, he was losing that which he prided himself the most on. Before her eyes, he had far more than just his ship and crew on his mind, but those he loved. And then, for the first time in all of the years she knew him, he cracked.::

Jaxx: Acknowledged. Now the more time you sit up here reading reports, the longer lives are at stake. You have your orders, you need them to be spoon fed to you?

::It was strange that, in the wake of all that was happening, she didn’t feel afraid. Her eyes and mind had turned towards her once lover, and long time friend. She had been into the darker recesses of his mind, and came out to tell the tale of it. His was a story of loss after loss; from the death of Saraa, to the fire that had cost him the woman who became Talon, and now to the mounting losses that were piling up in this one day. Never before had his anger taken such an edge where it was not warranted, but as his universe crumbled, the man that tried to hold himself together was crumbling too.::

::Her hands ran across the console in front of her, but her mind was elsewhere. While words didn’t exactly encompass what Betazoids were capable of, and the way they could project feelings without words, it was still an innate part of who they were. And so, knowing who he was, and just how close to the edge of things he was standing, Adri threw all caution to the wind and connected her mind to the man’s and found herself in places she once freely roamed.::

::There were no words that needed to be said, out loud or in his mind. The fact that she was there should have been enough. When he was ready, he would speak, but for now there was the strength of a friend, which sometimes was enough to keep the pieces together just a while longer.::

::With eyes that watched the status of the Victory stabilize, and various systems come back to where they needed to be, Adri kept herself halfway with Jaxx and halfway with the Victory. It was then that her own memories surfaced.::

((Flashback, USS Resolution, Stardate 238608.23))

::Adriana laughed as she left the office. The First Officer’s new dismissal strategy was interesting to say the least, but it definitely broke the monotony of the day. Smiling, she stepped over to one of the empty bridge consoles and requested the location of the Lieutenant that he had asked her to take with her to sickbay.::

::Squinting at the console, she made sure the information was correct. Shrugging, she made her way over to the conference room. Although the meeting that was in there appeared to be long over, that was where the computer said the officer was.::

::The doors to the conference room opened and light from the bridge spilled into the dark room. Adriana stepped in quietly, allowing the doors to close, and the darkness to return. Her eyes were automatically drawn to the windows, and the scene before her was one of pure beauty. Only the silhouette of the Marine broke the view, but as Adri whispered into the darkness, it didn’t move.::

Morgan: Amazing…

::Adriana moved to the table quietly and sat next to the Marine, but the woman gave no indication that she had even noticed. Turning her attention back to the view, she spoke quietly. She knew about the woman from Jaxx, and what she had done for him. She also knew the times that she faced now and the aftermath of the latest mission. It was, quite simply, almost too much for any one person to handle, but this one was strong, and handle it she did…in silence.::

Morgan: I don’t think we’ve met. I am Petty Officer First Class Adriana Morgan…::She kept her gaze leveled at the windows.:: I’m the First Officer’s assistant…and makeshift sickbay helper when needed.

::There was no response from the Marine. Aside from the rhythmic sound of her breathing, she still gave no indication that she knew anyone else was in the room, but fractured emotions began to emanate from the mind, and Adriana picked up on them easily even if the woman’s face hid it all.::

Morgan: And you are Second Lieutenant Kalianna Nicholotti, good to meet you.

::Adriana finally turned her, knowing that the woman knew she was there. Still, Kali made no move, remaining in an emotionless stare out into the stars and the planet below.::

Morgan: Lieutenant Kora is awake. ::She let the words hang in the air a moment.:: I am on my way to go see him. Would you care to join me?

::Finally, the Marine turned to face her. Adriana smiled reassuringly as a new wave of emotions made themselves appear. Still, the Marine looked calm and in control, and her voice even conveyed the same.::

Nicholotti: Is he alright?

::It was a calm question, rather than the anxious one that Adriana expected. The view the woman conveyed was far from the emotions that poured out of her, and the concern for others was readily apparent beneath it all.::

Morgan: Come see for yourself.

((End Flashback))

::With a renewed sense of really knowing the woman, Adri couldn’t help but smile slightly. Knowing that Jaxx had shared her memory, even if he had ignored most of it and focused on what was in the present, he would know what she said next to be true.::

Morgan: ~ She’s too stubborn to die, Andrus. She loves too deeply and cares too much to leave us. Hold on to that. Hold on to that tightly. ~

::Her eyes turned back to the screen in front of her as she took more readings on the Victory and spoke for the entire crew to hear this time.::

Morgan: The Victory is stabilizing and I’m getting word from the Thracian fleet that the Klingons are withdrawing. Jaxx/Anyone: Response?

::Another small smile played on her face. Perhaps now they could get back to base and get some repairs done; both on the ship, and in the minds of those who suffered the most.::

Commander Adriana Morgan
Communications Specialist/Duty Officer
USS Apollo
As simmed by Lieutenant Cayden Adyr (Captain Kalianna Nicholotti)

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