Jhyrazhao sh'Kavhilji

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USS Gorkon
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Jhyrazhao sh'Kavhilji
Position Diplomatic Advisor
Rank Ensign
Species Aenar
Gender Shen (Female)
DOB 237302
Age 25
Birthplace Issa City, Andoria


Height: 180cm (5’11”)
Hair Colour: White
Hair Length: Long, often worn in a braid
Eyes: White (Blind)
Skin tone: White
Handedness: Left
Voice: Soft, calm, reassuring. Thinks carefully before speaking.
Tattoos/Scars: None
Telepathic Rating: T4/E4
Taste in Clothing (Off Duty): Jhyrazhao favours outfits entirely in white. After several people commented that, combined with her skin tone, this ensemble makes her look like a ghost, Jhyrazhao has made a special effort to try and add a coloured item of accessory to her casual outfits.



  • Spicy Food: She developed a taste for spicy food while immersing herself in human cultures during her time at the Academy on Earth.
  • Swimming: She had never seen an ocean, lake, stream, nor any large body of water until her time at the academy. She learnt to swim and thoroughly enjoys it.


  • Violence: Like the rest of her people, she is a pacifist.
  • Very loud noises: They hurt her ears and antennae, and have been known to interfere with her sense of sight.
  • The Alert Klaxon: Usually this signals impending violence and loud noises, both things she doesn't like.


  • Learning about other cultures: Part of the reason she became a diplomat was so that she would be able to more easily understand and explore other cultures. She finds it fascinating that there are so many different cultures, all with their own customs, beliefs and traditions.
  • Learning Languages: An extension of her love for culture, she learns languages to better understand the people who speak it. These skills are also very useful as a diplomat.
  • Singing: From a young age she enjoyed singing, and still does.

Languages Spoken: - Fluent: Andorian, Aenar Sub-Dialect, English, Romulan, Klingon
- Conversational: Cardassian, Vulcan
- Basic: Trill, Bajoran, Dominion Standard, Bolian, Ferengi



  • Shrehlaov ch'Ekaohlel
  • Throthaorir sh'Arhokror
  • Akyvaohl th'Otysrihr
  • Etolishir zh'Kavhilji


  • Shonaorh ch'Kavhilji
  • Pethaahvyl zh'Kavhilji

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